New Dawn Special Issue Vol.16 No.2



Articles Inside New Dawn Special Issue Vol. 16 No.2

80 pages • A4 size • Full Color Glossy Magazine
  • Silent Weapons for the Secret War on You by Marie D. Jones
    LRAD, Active Denial Systems, Heat Beams, Voices Inside Your Skull
  • Brain Hacked Visions: A New Weapon of War? + Voice To Skull/V2K by Marie D. Jones
  • Who Are You, Mr Putin? by Mehmet Sabeheddin
    From Nostradamus to Jean Parvulesco 
  • Aliens R Us… From the Future: Interview with Dr Michael P. Masters
  • The Empires of Atlantis by Marco M. Vigato
    At its core, [Atlantis] is the story of the fall of a primeval, golden and divine humanity into the depths of materialism.
  • Mysterious Britain: The Secrets of Glastonbury by Marie D. Jones
  • The Magical Tor of the Summerland Meadows by Marie D. Jones
  • Glastonbury Abbey & the Chalice Well by Marie D. Jones
  • Seth Speaks: The Medium was the Message by John Friedlander
  • Spirit Marriage: Researching Bonded Relationships Between Humans & Otherworldly Beings by Dr. Megan Rose
  • Pluto Cancelled: The Backstory & Its Cosmic Meaning by John Michael Greer
  • Human Rhythms & Cosmic Rhythms by Leo
  • Gurdjieff’s Sacred Ecology: An Esotericism of Suspicion by Richard Smoley
  • Plus More