New Dawn Special Issue Vol.17 No.5



Articles Inside New Dawn Special Issue Vol. 17 No.5

72 pages • A4 size • Full Color Glossy Magazine
  • Lighten Up: It’s Time for a Great Awakening by Marie D. Jones
  • Consciousness & Dysfunction Cannot Coexist by Caitlin Johnstone & Tim Foley
  • The Inversion: Your Consciousness Was Hijacked by Kingsley L. Dennis
  • Understanding & Conquering the Mind Parasite (Wetiko) by Steve Kelly
  • Solving the Hard Problem of Consciousness: On the Threshold of a Synthesis of Science & Spirituality by Brendan D. Murphy
  • Everything is Connected by David Hamilton
  • Consciousness Does Matter by Peter Canova
  • Identities Broadcast into Consciousness: A Radical New Theory on How the Body & Personality Interact by Mark Baker
  • Once Upon a Time by Caitlin Johnstone & Tim Foley
  • The World is Like a Movie, a Dream, a Video Game by Rizwan Virk
  • Searching for Osiris & The Tree of Life by RN Vooght
  • My Explorations of LSD: From Pharmacology to Archetypes – Interview with Stanislav Grof by Brigitte Grof
  • Signposts on the Way: The Tarot for the Aquarian Age by Ralph Metzger
  • Optimism of the Will: Mind Power as a Philosophy of Life by Mitch Horowitz
  • Five Views of Lao Tzu by Nick Herbert
  • A Conscious Life: The Tao of Ian Fairweather by Lesley Crossingham
  • Living Dangerously & Finding the Way by Jason Jeffrey