New Dawn Special Issue Vol.6 No.6


72 page magazine

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New Dawn Special Issue Vol.6 No.6

The Global Manipulators: Their Plan for the Future
By Dr. K R Bolton

Legitimising Global Tyranny: Moving Towards World Government
By Jurriaan Maessen

Education for a New World Order
By Prof. James Tracy

How Big Business Hijacked the Green Agenda
By Dr. K R Bolton

The Transition to a Totalitarian World Government: “Mankind at the Turning Point”
By Brent Jessop

From Persuasion to Coercion: Psychopharma’s “Priesthood of the Mind”
By Prof. James Tracy

The Australian Psychiatry & Pharmaceutical Alliance: The Marketing of Lies
By CCHR (Australia)

Irrational Consumerism Or The Few Companies Who Feed the World
By Vigilant Citizen

Bread & Circuses: Sport for the Masses in the New World Order
By David Icke

The Global Drug Mafia and the Banks
By Valentin Katasonov

Post Scarcity & the World of Tomorrow: Hidden Battle Lines in the War for Global Hegemony
By Tony Cartalucci

The New World Order Vs. The New Age: Separating Truth From Falsehood
By Dr. K R Bolton

Political Secret Societies: The Hidden Paths of Power
By James Wasserman