New Dawn Special Issue Vol.15 No.6


72 page magazine

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Articles Inside New Dawn Special Issue Vol. 15 No.6

72 pages • A4 size • Full Color Glossy Magazine
  • Overcoming The Noble Lie: Great Narratives & Compelling Futures by Patrick Henningsen
  • Who Would Survive the Collapse of Civilisation? by Graham Hancock
  • Normal Isn’t Coming Back… Here’s What Is Coming: Life in the Post-Covid World Order by Dr T.J. Coles
  • The ‘Fourth Turning’ in an Ages-Long Struggle by David Warner Mathisen
  • Nicholas Roerich: Prophecies In Colour by Andrew Tomas
  • An Eerie Foreshadowing of Today’s Sad State of Affairs by Jennifer Sodini
  • Apocalypse 2034: Where To From Here? by Wayne Purdin
  • Prophecy: Predestined or Created by Our Belief? by Frederick Dodson
  • Did Greta Cause the Pandemic? by Russell Sturgess
  • What is the End of an Age? Understanding the Precession of the Equinoxes by David Warner Mathisen
  • Wetiko in a Nutshell: Who Do You Think You Are? by Paul Levy
  • Crisis, Negative Forces & Divine Law: A Conversation with Evidential Medium Jock Brocas by Lesley Crossingham
  • The Mysterious Gnosis of Philip K. Dick by Jay Kinney