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The Elite Plan for a New World Social Order

By RICHARD K MOORE — When the Industrial Revolution began in Britain, in the late 1700s, there was lots of money to be made by investing in factories and mills, by opening up new markets, and by gaining control of sources of raw materials. The folks who had the most money to invest, however, were not so much in Britain but more in Holland. Holland had been the leading Western power in the 1600s, and its bankers were the leading capitalists. In pursuit of profit, Dutch capital flowed to the … [Read more...]

The Great Carbon Credit Deception

By RICHARD K MOORE— In an era of economic growth, the dynamics of competition, innovation, and entrepreneurial investment were important elements of the game. In a non-growth era, the game will be based on entirely different dynamics. The mechanisms of production will become relatively static. Instead of corporations competing to innovate, we’ll have production bureaucracies. They’ll be semi-state, semi-private cartels, concerned about budgets and quotas rather than growth, somewhat along the … [Read more...]

Twelve Triggers Driving Mankind Towards World Government

By ADRIAN SALBUCHI — ....a dangerous crossing, a dangerous wayfaring, a dangerous looking-back, a dangerous trembling and halting... (words spoken by the tightrope walker) – Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spake Zarathustra Know thyself and your Enemy, and you will win all battles; Know thyself and not thy Enemy, for every victory there will be a defeat; Know neither yourself nor your Enemy and you’ll be defeated all the time. – Sun-Tzu, The Art of War What I am … [Read more...]

Who Are The Controllers?

By MEES BAAIJEN In the West, we’ve all been spoon fed the idea that we are free citizens of sovereign countries, where our democratically elected governments rule according to the peoples’ wishes. If that’s not achieved, it’s usually explained as being due to misfortunes such as crises, security threats or wars, or the stupidity of our governments. The few people that doubt these explanations, or even suspect hidden hands behind the occurrences of our time or the official narrative of our … [Read more...]

New Dawn 147 (November-December 2014)

INSIDE THIS MAGAZINE: . Australia: A Police State? Steve Tritton looks at Australia’s new National Security Laws & the serious dangers posed to the civil liberties & privacy of all Australians. Mind Control: Orwell, Huxley & Today’s Reality Richard Moore explores some of the techniques used by governments to program and control what people think. Sean Stone Speaks Out Marc Star talks to Sean Stone about ‘waking up’, the New World Order, non-human entities & more. The … [Read more...]

New Dawn 143 (March-April 2014)

INSIDE THIS MAGAZINE: From Indonesia to Turkey New Archaeological Discoveries Uncover the Mysteries of a Lost Civilisation. Graham Hancock looks at extraordinary new evidence showing human civilisation extends much further back in time than what we’ve been told. Return of the Golden Age? Drawing on myth and ancient wisdom, Edward Malkowski explains why the time is ripe to initiate a new Golden Age of unity, abundance and equality. Building the New in the Shadow of the Old It’s Time for … [Read more...]

The Gods of Money & Their New World Order Project: Endgame Has Begun

By RICHARD K. MOORE Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws. – Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812), founder of the House of Rothschild Perhaps the single most important thing to know about power in the world today is that most nations do not have control over their own currencies. Instead privately owned, for-profit central banks – such as the Federal Reserve System in the US – create money out of nothing and then loan it at interest to their respective … [Read more...]

New Dawn Special Issue Vol.7 No.6

  Who is Afraid     of Conspiracy Theories?   . INSIDE THIS MAGAZINE: . Syria, Russia, USA & the Geopolitical Chess Game By F. William Engdahl The Gods of Money & Their New World Order Project Endgame Has Begun By Richard K. Moore On the True Aims of the War Against Syria By Valentin Katasonov . Bankster Paradise How A Small Elite Rigs the Game of High Finance By Patrick Henningsen Chemtrails A Planetary Catastrophe Created by Geoengineering By … [Read more...]

New Dawn 137 (March-April 2013)

INSIDE THIS MAGAZINE: ‘Education’: Paying to be Programmed Are today’s schools nothing more than programming machines designed to implant certain perceptions of reality in the minds of students? David Icke shows how schooling suppresses creativity. The Cashless Society Almost Here And With Some Very Sinister Implications. Patrick Henningsen explains how new cashless currencies foreshadow a cashless one world. Planetary Grids: Secret Patterns of Earth’s Sacred Sites Hugh Newman … [Read more...]

New Dawn 128 (September-October 2011)

The Elite Plan for a New World Social Order A new global system is being imposed, warns political researcher and educator Richard Moore, and carbon credits are part of the agenda. The Great Carbon Credit Deception . The Coming of Comet Elenin & the End of an Age The 2012 Venus transit and the passing of comets in 2011 will have significant effects on Earth, says author Will Hart. UFOs and the Search for Higher Consciousness Consciousness researcher John White shows how the UFO … [Read more...]