Supernatural Stories of the Original People: An Interview with Steven Strong


Steven Strong (and his co-researcher/author Evan Strong) are no strangers to New Dawn readers. They are best known for their articles, interviews and publications on the controversial theory that Australia was the cradle of civilisation – the home of an Original humanity that branched out into other parts of the world to seed culture and a more advanced way of being. 

Steven’s knowledge is steeped in secret Aboriginal lore and rituals that for obvious reasons cannot be divulged to the general public. His – and Evan’s – mission is informing the wider Australian community on the forgotten heritage of the Original people and the metaphysical changes happening right now in this country. 

Recently Steven was interviewed by Jeffery Pritchett & Wahabah Hadia Al Mu’id (WHAM) for their online radio show. The interview covered the Strong’s work about Australia as the cradle of civilisation but Steven also shed light on personal encounters with the mysterious and supernatural. He speaks of an Original way of being foreign to the vast majority of Australians, but lived and practiced by members of indigenous communities, especially the Clever Fellas and Elders. 

The following is an edited extract from Steven’s spoken interview with Jeffery & WHAM in April.

Jeffery Pritchett (JP): I’ve heard the Aboriginal people are connected in some way to the Pleiadians [ancient extraterrestrials from the star system of the Pleiades that have an interest in Earth]?

Steven Strong (SS): Way back at the start when I was given a very strong ceremony by the Ramindjeri [Aboriginal people of Kangaroo Island, South Australia], I sat down at the finish and they told us about circumnavigating the world in a figure 8 in ancient times. And one of the elders turned to me and said, “You do realise in the old days, there were other ways we travelled this earth?” I knew what he was talking about, he was talking about moving through the air. 

Steven Strong (left) & Evan Strong. Researcher, historian, author, and former high school teacher with a background in archaeology, Steven was involved in the formation of a Graduate Diploma of Aboriginal Education for the NSW Department of Education, writing units on Traditional Law and Contemporary History. He also co-authored the highly successful “Aboriginal Australia: A Language and Cultural Kit.” 

They are absolutely obsessed with the Pleiadians. In fact, I’ve had elders who will finish their conversation by repeating the same thing time after time. They tell me the Pleiadians are their countrymen, they are part of them. Quite recently a genetic study has come out to confirm this. What we’ve now found is the Original people have a genetic strand that no one has ever seen before. And the scary part for the mainstream is they don’t know where it’s from. They cannot associate it with any hominid, semi-hominid, or other Homo sapiens on the planet. It’s only found in Australia with the Original people. 

I know it’s the Pleiadian gene they’ve found. And the reason why they can’t find it anywhere on this planet is because they have their eyes permanently fixed down, they should be looking up. In fact, this is why we talk about this now, not because I had a chance but because I promised we would tell their story. I don’t meet an elder who will not talk about the Pleiadians. We are pushed into a story that I remember on one occasion I said we’d never touch. In fact our first three books, published by University Press in America, never mentioned it. We never mention this story. We’re coming into this story simply because we don’t have a choice. And the Original elders have made it clear, we must talk about this part of the story now. That’s what we’re doing, we’re only doing what we’re told. 

JP: When it comes to the Pleiadians and the Aboriginals, what is the creation story?

SS: I’ve got two rocks, two marked rocks, and the elders have told me the full story with those two rocks. And they’ve shown me the rocks and they’ve shown me how it’s put together. Those two rocks are called Ros’ rock 1 and 2. My main elder is a Clever Fella and can do things you shouldn’t be able to do in any science book today, and I’ve seen him do it. He told me one day, after knowing I had this rock [Ros rock 1] for a couple of years. (I’ve got to tell you something about Original elders – when you’re working with them, don’t ask them a question because they’ll never answer it. They’ll ask another question you can’t answer and they’ll answer that question a year later.) 

Ros’ rock 1 and 2

A year and a half passed when Karno told me the full story of that rock, and it’s basically the beginning. What he said was that way back in the Dreaming, at the very beginning, the Pleiadians came in the totem of the Goanna, which is the one that gives wisdom. When they came to this country (Australia), they asked permission. They didn’t barge in – they asked permission to come. They came here looking for the best that was on this planet and they found the Original people, but they said no. The story goes that the eagle and the crow fought against the Goanna, the Pleiadians. The eagle and the crow are the Original people. And they couldn’t come, they could not come. But one day, according to the elders, the crow saw the wisdom of the Pleiadians and changed sides. And then what happened was the fight continued and the crow and the Goanna defeated the eagle. And they came and landed on this country. Then what they did, because they’d won the battle, is the Goanna asked the eagle for some totem or memento of his victory, and he was given the claws of the eagle, and the laws of the Pleiadians were scratched into this rock we have now. The Original story is we were given this information from the Pleiadians, and the second rock talks about the Original people and their contribution. 

They look upon this as a unification of two different species. The Pleiadians did not come to this planet to subjugate, or to mine, or anything like that. They came here to find a body to incarnate into. What we have according to these people is the best of both worlds. From this planet, the Original people, and from outside, the Pleiadians. Together they created a set of genes. I look upon something like the walkabout genes, where you go off and find your own salvation and your own wisdom. The Original people were told to spread around the world, and therefore every human on this planet has within them the Original and Pleiadian genes. And yes I know, some of us may have those Assyrian genes [a reference to the Anunnaki slave race creation], very much more compliant. 

What we have today in our genetic bank is an absolute dog’s breakfast of genes from all over this planet. We’ve got Denisovan and Neanderthal genes within us, and genes from outside. The story goes that the day would come when each person would be demanded and asked to look for their Pleiadian genes and to strike out and find the truth. That’s why they seeded the whole of this planet with their genes – they had a long term plan. The story I’m told is it’s now time for every human being on this planet to access their Pleiadian-Original genes and find the wisdom and truth. Because if they rely on the other ones, they’ll end up on the wrong side of the equation when the cutoff line appears. 

There is a long, long story about the Pleiadians being part of this particular continent. I can’t speak on behalf of Africa and places where other mobs came, that’s not our issue here. We just talk about what happened here. Now the Original people are telling us the time for the Pleiadian-Original genes to come to fruition, to give us wisdom and an alternative to what we have today, which is appalling, is now upon us. Original history and archaeology doesn’t run in a straight line – it runs in a circle. And the circle, ladies and gentlemen, has been completed. 

JP: When it comes to the Dreamtime, I’m wondering your perception on it? When I was 17 I went through testicular cancer and chemo. And then a year later my dad died, and I started to attract UFO activity. Multiple witnesses have seen all kinds of stuff with me. And I’ve seen some different types of beings. I’ve seen beings made out of energy, what I call a luminous being or beings made out of light. And I’ve kind of come to the conclusion through talking to other shamans that they’re us without our bodies on some levels. I’m kind of curious, what is the Dreamtime? 

SS: If I was to give a fairly reasonable description of the Dreaming it would probably finish in about three hours. But I think we’re going to have to go the 101 because it’s so difficult. Look, the Dreaming is about connecting with the Spirit and about connecting with our reality, but it’s a lot more than that. It’s not a religion. Original people don’t have churches, they don’t have steeples and they don’t have altars. How can I best put it? It runs something like this… 

A young man or woman around 14 or 15 or 16, when it’s determined they become adults, goes through some very severe cuts and a lot of pain, because most Original learning comes through pain. What’ll happen is once the boy has been cut and he’s taken on site, he goes out into the bush on his own. Then the uncle will watch him from a distance, but won’t have a thing to do with him. He’ll be on his own for three or four months. During that period he makes his own connection with the Dreaming. Original people believe every human being has magic within them, they think it’s like breathing. Everyone of us has it. What that person then does is finds their own magic, finds their own way of communicating with the spirits. 

You’ve got to remember, in our society the spirits are in the land, they’re in the trees, they’re in a blade of grass, they’re everywhere and they watch us eternally. I’ll give you a very good example of what happened to us when we offended the spirits and the Dreaming acted upon us. We went to a site. Our elder that takes us in, Auntie Beve [Darkinoong Elder], was unwell at the time and couldn’t smoke us, and we always get ceremonied before we go on site. I had another ceremony given to me by Uncle Jerry, six of us did it, and we walked into this place. It was full of orbs and we filmed them. As we came in a brown owl flew out and left a feather. We thought that was a good sign. Oh my god, it wasn’t. Anyways, we did our business for the day, filmed what we saw, and it was quite amazing. We did some work on the carvings and engravings and paintings there. 

I went back that night to Gosford [New South Wales] and we sat around talking about what we saw that day, and I got a phone call from my elder. My elder lives in Kangaroo Island, that’s 3,500 kilometres away. We’d left that site five hours ago, and he rang me. I knew I was in trouble. Normally what happens is when the elder speaks, someone else rings you and tells you to ring them. They don’t approach you, you must approach them. This time he was approaching me. And I’ve had that a couple of times and it means I’m getting growled at. This time was huge. This is how the conversation went. He said, “You’ve been on country today.” I said, “Yes, but Karno it’s not your country.” He said, “I know that, but did you smoke yourself today?” I said, “Well no.” He said, “I have a red kangaroo here, and that red kangaroo is telling me the whole story of what happened. You did another ceremony, didn’t you?” I said, “Yes, I did.” He said, “Well that was just accepted but they’re not happy.” And he told me, “If you ever go on site again without smoking yourself, they will kill you. That is your last warning.” And then he hung up. 

Now my question is, I never told him about this. How did he know 3,500 km away I was walking on country and had broken a law? That owl flew out and told someone else, who told another animal and went across and told Karno. I’ve figured that message travelled 700 kilometres per hour to get to him. How he got that message was through the animals. In the Dreaming, if you really are locked in with the Dreaming, you can communicate with animals, you can communicate with everything. 

I’ll go to another story. This same guy [Karno], when [British author] Graham Hancock and I sat round a campfire, he disappeared completely. We all know that. He smiled as he did it, and then reappeared about three seconds later, about 50 metres behind someone else. We asked his wife how did he do this. She said, “I don’t know, I’ve never seen that one before.” He told me later, “The disappearing is nothing. I come from this place and we all do. The only difference is I know it and you’re not sure. Once you know it, everything is possible.” What is the Dreaming? It’s us finding our true powers, our true reality and our true purpose in life.

JP: Do the Aboriginals ever say anything about Yowies or Sasquatch? 

SS: Yes they speak about them. I’ve been to Yowie country, and I’ve met the keeper of the Yowies. I won’t write about it, because you get smashed. I get smashed enough as it is. I just can’t afford another punch in the face for that one. Do I know they exist? Absolutely. In fact, on one occasion we went into country, and the elders made it clear because they’d been finding all these kangaroos and wallabies with their heads ripped off, because the Yowie is incredibly powerful. They made it clear that if we went on to that country, we had to sing the song of the Yowies before we could get there. He said don’t go in there without that song or they will attack you. There were six of us, and we all sung. None of us questioned for one second what they told us. So yes, it is very much a part of Australia. 

We also had big robust people with massive skulls, 1540 cc, and they stood about 6 foot 6, but they’re not Yowies. We had tiny people that were 3 foot high, I’ve got pictures of them, a whole tribe of 150 people smaller than pygmies. Then there are other groups they talk about. My understanding is there’s at least four different types of Original people in Australia still existing to this day. It’s a very common story about the Yowies. But finding them is bloody hard because these guys are masters of deception and camouflage, and they will show themselves when they want to be shown. That’s the only way you’ll see one. 

JP: What other stories of the supernatural can you share?

SS: Four days ago an elder rang me up, 4,000 km away. I’d been waiting four weeks for the phone call. I’d just set my 150 rocks into two formations. She rang me up and said, “Been waiting four weeks to ring you, I’m ringing you now because now’s the time to ring.” She said: “You’ve got those rocks in formation right now, haven’t you?” I said, “Yes.” She said, “You’ve got someone sitting inside there haven’t you?” I said, “Yes.” “He’s a good man, he can stay there, pass that on.” And then she hung the phone up. 4,000 km away. How did she know I just took the rocks out an hour before and put them in two circles and joined them up? That, ladies and gentlemen, is what we could do, all of us. I didn’t know that, I can’t do it, and I probably never will because I’m not as wise as they are. My job is to be pragmatic and try to convince people through logic and science it’s true. But I can tell you this now, I swear on a stack of bibles, what I’m telling you is true. That woman rang us up and said, “You’ve got your rocks in formation.” How did she know? She was 4,000 km away. This is what we could be. 

Instead what we get is phones where we press buttons and play games. I remember recently I was in a train in Melbourne. I was with a friend and we were lost in the city and we didn’t know where we were going. There were about 80 people in four carriages and no one was talking, not one of them. All they were doing is sitting there pressing buttons, wasting their lives, and going to work and coming back the next day and then going back again. They don’t think they’re slaves, and they don’t think they’re trapped. They are, because they’ve been sucked into this system that’s wrong. 

We’re trying to wake people up to the truth of what Original people know. Remember this, I’m not only talking about the Original people [in Australia], there are many people that have this story. We have to look to all our indigenous people because they are the only ones that can save us now. We go down this path [of materialism and technology obsession] and we are done for. We really are. And it’s time for the Original, and they are coming out, believe me, they are coming out. 

Aboriginal painting of Baiame, a creator Spirit of the Dreaming, Baiame Cave, Milbrodale, New South Wales. CREDIT: BY-SA 3.0

JP: When it comes to shamanism and the Aboriginals, is there a shaman? 

SS: The best way to explain that, of course, is to go to the Original people but I’ll give an example of a study done by an American called Richard Gould in the mid-1960s. With all credit to him, he went and lived with the Original people for a year and a half, which is the best way to find out information. 

He gave us a great story about the time that a young child was ready to walk. The grandmother worked that out, and everyone came around. They watched the child make three footsteps into the ground. Then, they picked the child up and spent the next hour discussing that’s child’s life, the whole of their life, what they were going to be, who they were going to be. This particular child had some magic in them, as they all do. 

To say there’s one shaman is not correct. They are four or five different elders that will have skills in that area, because magic is one of the most important parts of the culture. It’s multi-dimensional. It runs in a lot of different areas. There will be a woman with wisdom about creation. There will be men who have wisdom about, unfortunately in some cases, using magic to harm others who are causing them issues, and other men who can heal. There’ll be different types. There won’t actually be one shaman because once you get into the real esoteric, it has got so many levels to it that you can’t be proficient in all of it. There would be different men and women. Remember this. There’ll be women too. 

In fact, I do know up our way, where we are, we had what was called a Dhurangan, which is a female elder. She was the one who trained the male elders to become Clever Fellas. They would climb up to this cave, real high up about 1,500 metres. After four or five months, she’d initiate the male. She’d take him out to the ledge and make him step forward. Now, if he levitated, and he didn’t fall, he would become a Clever Fella, because he could levitate. But if he fell to the ground, it was about 600 metres down, he wasn’t a Clever Fella. But don’t worry, she was so strong, she’d catch him. Then, he’d go back to his tribe. There’s no shame in that. What we’ve got is a woman who can actually be in two places at once, and catch someone who’s falling, and a man who’s got to levitate, so that he’s got that magic. Then he can become a Clever Fella, but another person from their tribe could also go and do that job, too. 

The difference here is it’s not one shaman, there could be four or five – there could be two apprentices and three that are at the top level in different areas. It is really basically the magic. Learning the magic and the esoteric is the most important thing you could do in Original society before [Captain] Cook came. That was what everything was about. That was the most important thing you could do. 

The worst crime you could ever do, in Original society, was maybe go and desecrate a sacred cave, or break a sacred object. You know what punishment they would give you for that? Freedom. That would be the worst thing you could ever get because this is what they would do. They would say you’ve insulted the spirits, you’ve insulted the tribe. Leave our land, never come back, and spend the rest of your life elsewhere. The problem is that Original people believe that when you die, you go up into the air, to a black hole called Rock Cod Dreaming, and then you come back and incarnate back into your country. But if you die off country, your soul is in limbo for an eternity. That gives you an idea how much the spiritual was so ingrained into their culture. They would say, “Please kill me on country rather than let me go free.” 

When you live a lifestyle, under those conditions, it’s nothing like we’re living today, where the magic is everywhere. There would be another elder that could read signs. Birds would come and talk to the elder and tell them information. So it really is multi-dimensional, once you get into the mystical side. All the different elders would take on different roles at different times.

The Devils Marbles, south of Tennant Creek, Northern Territory, stand on ground sacred to the Warumungu, Kaytetye, Alyawarra and Warlpiri peoples.

JP: When it comes to Earth changes and things coming up in the future, do the Aboriginals speak of that? 

SS: You’ve got to remember I’m now in the deepest level, but in that level I’m just an initiate. I’ve got a long way to go. I was with an elder recently who gave me fourth level women’s magic, but didn’t get five, six, or seven. Was shocked to be able to give me even four. I’m still a long way to go, but having said that, I can put two and two together, and give you a bit of an idea of what the expectation is. I’m going to say this is the first time, where every other time I’ve been basically paraphrasing what the elders told me. In this case, I’m reading between the lines. I’m going to start with something that’s true. I know it happened because I spoke to the two people there, at the time. I’ve mentioned this many times because I’m allowed to. 

This happened probably about five or six years ago in Darwin. That’s the top end of Australia. An elder, whose name I won’t give, turned up to the [TV] studio, stood in front of me and told me the story. One was a cameraman for ‘60 Minutes’, and the other guy doesn’t know how to lie. He still had trouble telling me the story anyway. The elder then said – and I’ve held one of these sticks when I’ve done ceremonial – I know what they’re like. They said, “It’s time to tune this magic stick up,” and he put it the ground in the park. Now, the story was there were about 90 odd people walking around in a park, at that time, and 88 collapsed. The guy that put the stick in, plus one of the two guys who was talking, they did not collapse, and everyone else fell down on the ground. They laid there for hours. Ambulances came, took them to hospitals. All of them, five hours later, woke up and said, “What are we doing here?” They said, “You collapsed.” “No, no, what am I doing here?” They were fine. 

Now, the story is that the rocks I have, and others have, when I put them in formation, someone rang up 4,000 kilometres away [previously mentioned], so we know they work. Those rocks and those sticks lift elevations. When you put that one in the ground in the park, just a practise go, 88 fell, two stood. My understanding is I do know there’s a time, and we are part of this because we are putting these rocks in the ground and I know where but we can’t talk about that yet, we’re in the process of doing that. When all the rocks are in the right places, and the sticks in place in the ground, the Earth’s elevation will rise. That much, I know. I know they’re doing that. 

The part I’m going to read between the lines is this. I believe when that happens, many people will fall. But this time, the ones who didn’t make the right decision will never wake again. What a beautiful way to cleanse the planet. Not through conflagration, not through warfare, not through some natural disaster. But each person makes their own judgment. This is why the elders keep saying hurry up and make up your mind. I believe when all the rocks and all the pyramids from around the world, when all the indigenous people put them in the right portals, the Earth’s elevation will lift up, vibration lifts massively, and many fall and never stand again. 

Do they believe there’s a change coming? Absolutely. They’re obsessed by it. For me, personally, if there’s no change I’ll just carry on banging my head against a brick wall until I pass on. I’m comfortable either way. But for them, absolutely. I’ve heard things that have happened recently that make me believe, “Oh my God, it’s getting close.” I’ve heard a couple of events that took place that’s got my attention. I thought, “Gee, something’s coming. Something’s coming.” I can tell you there’s a quickening. There are things going on now, within our own country, that I never thought would happen. Now, people don’t know about it, because it’s coming through the grapevine to us, but there’s some stuff going on that makes me feel like, “Geez, it’s got to be less than a decade way. It’s got to be getting awful close now.” Yeah, this is the main reason I’m talking today, to let people know, from an Original viewpoint, there is a change coming.

JP: When you talk about the Pleiadians and their state of being, is it like a total state of grace and positivity, a state of love?

SS: It’s a state not so much of love, but a state of complete awareness. They understand. They fully understand the notion of what’s taking place and why things are. They know what is good, what is bad, but they’re still not perfect. They’re still looking for something else. 

I have a rock that I was told in the beginning is creation. It goes like this. I’m holding the rock now. In the very, very beginning, the Pleiadians were one of the first beings that came into material form in the cosmos. They had the wisdom of the ages with them. The story is that way back in the very beginning, they sent a spear which was about four miles long, and aimed it at the Earth. It was a long spear with a cap, and it was coated with life, algae and bacteria and all the things that create life. It’s a bit like Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It was for seeding a planet. It sounds science fiction, but the beauty of it is this particular rock has got all the lines there, it’s got a very big impression in the middle. That is where the spear hit. Now, that place is called Uluru which is the middle of Australia. If you look at it, from underneath, there is a three-mile spear that tapers to a point. And it jammed into this planet and created the beginning of the whole of humanity here and this planet was known way back then as a special planet. 

Yes, they are wise, and they’ve got incredible awareness that we will never have. They do things we can’t do. But the one thing we’ve got in abundance here is absolute love, and that’s the missing part of their wisdom. This is why the Earth and the Pleiadians are so intertwined, because my understanding is the salvation of the universe sits with those two planets. Our role in this – I know we don’t look like we’re performing well – is to be an equal of theirs. I do know two rocks I have that tell the story about the two together. The first rock has two and a half languages, and the second rock, which is the original rock of the people here, has four and a half. I tell people, “Do not dismiss the fact that, when they came here and they seeded this planet, they came back when they found something that was worthy of their presence.” Remember that. 

We should not dismiss human beings. I know that we aren’t playing well in the sandpit at the moment. I get that. It looks pretty bad. Yes, our leaders have no idea what they’re doing anymore, and they don’t work for the right people. They work for the wrong beings both here and elsewhere. But within us, we have everything. We could do anything, and we are their equals. At the moment, there’s only one difference. They know we are their equals. We just don’t know it yet. Hopefully, now, we’re going to learn it.

JP: Do you think that these light beings that I see are us without our bodies? Do the Aboriginals ever talk about light beings, or anything like that?

SS: They do, and they have this belief. It’s a very important one. In fact, you will see it on every TV station when they put up a picture or a story about Original people. When someone’s passed on, you are not allowed by law to mention their name. In fact, I’ll give you an example of this. Say somebody’s name is Bundara, which means in a lot of places kangaroo. That would mean once that person dies, the language of the word kangaroo will now change for at least five years. Then, they can put it back. When we pass on we condense ourselves into energy form, but that energy form, as we’ve learned from quantum physics, is not way off in the distance. It is right next to us. If you call their names, they’ll come back straight away. Like my elders who’ve passed over, I can talk about Karno. I can talk about Auntie Beve, but I could never say both names. I’d be punished severely for that, and I never would. I can’t say two names of that person because we know as Original people, they’re right there. 

I heard you mention before about little orbs and spirits. That’s exactly what we are. We are that. Karno is one who’s passed on. He’s given spirit messages to lots of people, and he’s an eagle form. I’ve had eagles sitting on top of my bedroom in the morning. I’ve had eagles flying so close I can see what’s in their claws. That’s Karno. He can come in spirit form, he can come in orb form, he can come in animal form, he can come in bird form, it doesn’t matter. 

They understand death much better than we do. They look at death as the greatest ceremony a human can carry out in any life. He must die with dignity. Often, they know when they’re going to die, and they say, you’ve heard the Indians saying, “It’s a good day to die.” That is exactly what we talk about. When you die, it is a good day. They understand that. See, they understand we incarnate and come back. It’s part of their belief, and they believe the incarnation, very importantly, is an agreement between the woman and the spirit. The male has nothing to do with incarnation. He just chucks the sperm in, and they decide when it’s used. 

What is death? I understand what it really is. It means that you’ll be back soon. You’ll be back, and they know when you come back. Often, they know who that person is, when they look at those three steps. They’re like, “Oh my gosh, it’s so and so. They’ve come back again. I was wondering who they’d be. I see this time they’re a male. They were a female last time.” They know it. For them, death is just part of a circle that leads on to rebirth, that leads on to trying to get it right, that leads on to death, that goes round and around and around. Finally, when you do get it right, they don’t come back in body form. They go to a site, and they guard it. Then, you have to call out. Whenever I go to a site, I have to call out. I have to go through ceremony to let them know, because that person I’m talking to was a person but was so evolved they didn’t need to come back in human form, and now guards a sacred site. That’s why you’ve got to be extra careful when you go on your sacred sites, because you’re not just dealing with any old person. You’re dealing with someone who’s 40,000 rungs above you, and can see through you like a piece of glass. You’ve got to be careful. 

Conflict & War in the Deep Past

SS: There are many, many dreaming stories about major conflict. I’ve been to a place I can’t mention, because it scares the crap out of me. I’ve been there twice, and I hate it. There’s not an insect. There’s not a bird. There’s nothing there. It’s dead. I’ve been to a place where you pick up rocks and crumble them in your hand. I’ve seen columns of 30 metres broken into pieces, rocks melted all over the place. There were explosions here. Something major took place, because the people in this country, this area, still had some technology, but it was wiped out. I believe it was wiped out either by an advanced civilisation, or maybe another alien group fighting the Pleiadians. I’m not sure which it is. I’m inclined to think it’s the second one, but I don’t know for sure, because they can overlap. In fact, I know Auntie Beve was guarding one such place, with a massive red explosion in the air painted on a cave. They tried to destroy it. [The Dept of] Main Roads [New South Wales] wanted to put a road through there, and she stopped them. But when she was in hospital, they blew the site up. They didn’t want that picture up. That was the story of this massive explosion. Graham King, who’s the elder and keeper of around Sydney, told me the story of that happening, too, of something coming through the sky and blowing things up. Yes, we know about that. There was a war here.

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JEFFERY PRITCHETT, radio show host for The Church Of Mabus at, has a Bachelors in Science Communications. The radio show has often been termed Heavy Metal meets Paranormal. An interest in the High Strange since his youth with paranormal experiences to boot ranging from UFOs to odd being sightings and ghosts and more. Contact Jeffery at

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