Sacred Geometry: A New Spin

This article was published in New Dawn 136 (Jan-Feb 2013)

I had trouble with calculus in college. The concept of mathematics describing geometric shapes just did not resonate in my brain. Yes, I knew the formula for the circumference of a circle, and some Pythagorean stuff about triangles, but I never realised it could all get so complicated. Over the course of the semester, the basic premise slowly penetrated, and I began to speculate that perhaps God is simply a great mathematician. 

Maybe all He really had to do to create the universe was to invent some formulas and everything then fell into place. Space, suns, planets, black holes, cosmic dust, vegetation, animals, humans, non-humans – all just tumbled out of His mind as He rapidly generated long strings of calculus formulas. While this is, of course, a fanciful view of the act of Creation, there may be at least a germ of truth in the premise. 

As we learn more and more about the concept of Sacred Geometry, it begins to appear that life really is all about numbers. The term “Sacred Geometry” has been bandied about for years as though it had a very specific meaning. But, in fact, it means different things to different people, and has really been an amorphous concept. Now that we are able to view the universe through powerful telescopes, and the minutiae of life through equally powerful microscopes, it has become apparent that the entire physical realm displays elegant geometric proportion. This being the case, we are awestruck and led to the conclusion that such orderliness can only be the product of a Divine Mind. Hence we view it as proof of Creation as opposed to the disorderly and random Darwinian Evolution. 

And so, the word “sacred” has been appended to this universal “geometry” to imply that it was all created by God. We find these types of definitions from various researchers on the subject. For example, according to Charles Gilchrist on his website (, “Sacred Geometry is literally The Architecture of the Universe…. Sacred Geometry is pure universal truth springing directly from God Mind. Worlds turn in Sacred Geometry, and the galaxies spin because of it.” He says further, “Studying the natural unfolding of the geometric archetypes aligns our human consciousness to the infinite and the eternal. In these studies and meditations we begin to see the way of things… the true nature of the universe.” 

The golden ratio, also known as the divine proportion, golden mean, or golden section, is found throughout nature. When it is applied to constructing a particular geometric form (see overlay above), a “golden spiral” can be drawn. This is best exemplified in the design of the nautilus sea-shell (above).

The Golden Ratio

As scientists discovered the deep mathematical principals underlying all forms, they took it as proof of the workings of a Great Mind. In this regard, a breakthrough was the discovery of “the golden ratio.” This ratio, usually denoted by the Greek letter φ (phi), expresses the relationship between two numbers where the sum of the two is to the larger, as the larger is to the smaller. That is, where “a” is the larger, “a+b” is to “a” as “a” is to “b.” Solving this equation algebraically, the only solution is the irrational number 1.618033989. Like Pi, the decimal string goes on infinitely. 

Geometric forms conforming to, or incorporating, the golden ratio are abundant in nature. The number of petals on flowers conforms to the phi ratio, and it is the way the human body grows, finger to hand, hand to forearm. The golden ratio defines human beauty and consequently plastic surgeons use it for facial measurements. When applied architecturally it results in buildings that are strangely appealing to the human eye and to the spiritual imagination. To the ancient Greeks the Golden Section embodied philosophy and wisdom. Thus it was appropriate to incorporate the golden ratio in a building dedicated to a god. 

When the phi proportion is used to construct a triangular form it becomes a “golden triangle,” and a “golden spiral” gets wider by a factor of φ every quarter-turn it makes, which means it gets wider by a factor of φ4 (about 6.854) every full turn. The nautilus sea-shell exemplifies a golden spiral. 

Energy & Geometry

In order to clear up the cloudiness around the term “Sacred Geometry,” and to better understand how it has been, and may be, used in healing, inspiration, spiritual advancement, art, design, architecture, Feng Shui and crop circles, we decided it was necessary to consult an expert. 

Very impressed by his presentation at the recent Crop Circle Conference in Tempe, Arizona, and after experiencing a definite energetic influx while sitting under one of his unique, spinning metallic forms, we chose Gregory Hoag for our interview. Hoag is an artist, scientist and entrepreneur who has been working with form energy for over 40 years. For the past 27 years, he has lectured on Sacred Geometry on radio, TV and at conferences. His vision is to bring the archetypes of form to life for all to experience and benefit. He has been involved in various spiritual practices since the 1970’s. 

It was in the 70’s that maverick New Age author and inventor Patrick Flanagan discovered and became a proponent of “pyramid power,” which he promoted through books, lectures and seminars. Influenced by Flanagan’s research, Hoag began building pyramidal forms and sleeping in them. 

In 1982, he claims to have had “a very strong kundalini experience which was catalysed by a large pyramid filled with crystals.” Subsequently he began to “see” geometric energy patterns before they turned into physical matter. He decided to try to build those forms out of various metals, and found that people reacted strongly to his creations “both aesthetically and especially in an energetic sense. They said that they felt energy coming from the forms.” As a result, he started to manufacture the metallic objects which he calls “Metaforms.” 

In his literature he says, “They are precisely composed, 3-dimensional sculptures that radiate an energetic field which can positively influence your environment and help create a sacred space.” He says further, “the entire structure of the Universe is based on the eternal laws of creation, which are mathematical and geometric in nature. Metaforms are designed to bring these archetypal laws into tangible experience in your life. “

In our conversation with Hoag, we found his definition and explanation of Sacred Geometry to be logical and enlightening. He says, “We are higher dimensional beings. Our souls are rooted at the Causal level. All energy springs from that world. We have chosen to come down many levels into this dimension, this level of density… to learn and grow.” He explains further, “The universe wants to expand through us.” Consequently, it is necessary to “build a bridge, a conduit to the higher realms so that energy can flow into this dimension through us… giving us the opportunity for the highest, most rapid expansion.” 

As the higher energy flows from the out Source through each dimension, it wants to make each dimension like itself – to create resonance with itself. Each dimension has a language of its own that relates to the out Source. In the physical realm, that language is geometry. Sacred geometrical forms are those that directly incarnate and express the higher energies. Hoag elaborates on this concept eloquently on his website, “There is a language that translates universally and is the true nature of ‘above’, which reflects in the substance of this physical reality ‘below’. That language is number, used by science to describe interactions in all realms of the physical and energetic universe. When number moves from the mental and theoretical into the physical it becomes pattern, rhythm, cycle and geometry. Thus, we see the language of God expressed everywhere in our universe. The Above is the archetype, the blueprint, so to speak.”

The subtle power of pyramids have been attested by numerous investigators and experiencers over the years. They claim that model pyramids can preserve and energise food and water, sharpen or maintain the sharpness of razor blades, and improve the health of some people. It is also said pyramids – especially in the act of sitting inside one – can function as thought-form incubators, enhance meditative states, and even trigger sexual urges!
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The Human Factor

While sacred geometry is apparent in nature without human intervention, humans have the power to consciously bring down the higher energies and deliberately impress these energies into matter. This capability was demonstrated dramatically by Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto in his now famous “water experiments.” He asked his subjects to deliberately imagine flasks of water to be impregnated with love, joy and peace. When this water was frozen, snowflakes were produced, each flake exhibiting a spark of free-will expression through a unique geometric design. He then asked another group of subjects to impress water with hate, anger and other negative emotions. This water produced no snowflakes when frozen – just blobs of ice. Hoag says this demonstrates that, “we can be a conduit for higher consciousness. In human beings, our own negative emotions block the flow of higher energy. Whereas, when things (human or otherwise) are connected to the higher dimension, they exhibit a pattern or a rhythm that reflects the order of the dimension of the source.” The fact that humans can actively channel and therefore have the ability to absorb these higher energies, is what makes us potentially god-like. 

With regard to architecture, Hoag says, “…particular energies are attracted to particular shapes. They are further reinforced into a coherent presence by that shape. Thus the energy is made palpable and available to the individual by using Sacred Geometry as an antenna to both attract resonant energies and to coalesce and reconfigure ambient energies.” Then further, “When we create our structures so that they reflect this pattern, there can be a resonance with, or a reflection of, the higher. Many ancient structures were built to mimic the pattern of the higher order, and thus people could experience that higher energy. That’s where the term ‘sacred geometry’ comes from. The more we mimic the divine order, the more sacred the form becomes.” 

Hoag claims that the Atlanteans understood this principle very well, and utilised it extensively. Some of this carried over to Greece and Egypt and other ancient civilisations. We now understand that the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt, focuses intense energy in the King’s Chamber. Some of these architectural principles became carefully guarded secrets in the Middle Ages, primarily by Freemasons and the Guilds, and were used in the design of Gothic Cathedrals. Hoag says that modern civilisation is spiralling downward into a place of separation. Modern architecture is based more upon human ego factors, and modern technology loads toxins and electromagnetic pollution into our environment, which blocks the flow of higher subtle energy. 

Hoag’s view of crop circles is unique. He claims that higher entities are constantly working to bring higher energies down to this dimension to assist in the spiritual transformation of the human race. In order to accomplish this, the energies must be grounded in this three-dimensional world so that they may flow freely from the Causal to the Physical. The crop circles are evidence of the intensification of this effort in recent times. The circles form geometric patterns on the earth resonating with the divine energies that are being grounded. They are attracted to that particular section of the English countryside because the vibrations of that area are compatible with the energies. So basically, the crop circles are simply by-products of the ongoing process of the inculcation of higher energies needed to raise the consciousness of the planet. The beautiful designs are inspiring examples of Sacred Geometry, and hint at the beauty and power of their source at the Causal level. 

Spinning Metaforms, E.Pendants & I.Connect

Hoag’s basic purpose is to educate people about the deliberate, intelligent use of higher energies through understanding Sacred Geometry. He believes that this process is becoming more and more critical as we sink deeper and deeper into a chaotic energetic mire all over the planet, and it will be necessary to become proactive just to maintain the status quo, to say nothing of facilitating spiritual transformation. 

Hoag frequently makes reference to channelled readings by Evalena Rose, who claims to communicate with “The Council of Twelve.” From a reading given by her on 2 August 2002, the Council says, “The energetics are changing so fast on the planet these days, that people need support in holding a field of energy around them that allows them to stay centred in their own radiance. To not be tossed about on the waves of change and the waves of chaos created by those who would obfuscate through things like promoting a war on terrorism.” 

The Metaforms can be a potent aid in holding and building the energy body. They are designed to be suspended overhead and spin slowly while meditating or simply sitting quietly. Hoag says, “They can create awareness and empower you in making appropriate choices. Their beauty and perfection can bring peace to your heart and mind. This positive amplification of safe, subtle energy can activate creativity, healing, dreaming, meditation, and relationships.” Popular, prolific New Age author Carolyn Myss says, “Metaforms are extraordinary tools which enhance health and inner awareness by working with subtle energies. I highly recommend them as a part of one’s daily health maintenance regimen.”

Perhaps more potent as an agent for energetic renewal are Hoag’s “e. Pendants.” Designed to be worn around the neck, the pendants are fiberglass disks about the size of a large wristwatch. The fiberglass acts as an insulator to “antenna systems” consisting of metallic sacred geometric designs bonded to both surfaces. The metal patterns are made of copper bonded to the disk, and plated with nickel and gold. The outer ring is layered with 100 mils of gold, titanium or chrome (which is up to ten times the industry standard), over sterling silver. This combination is referred to as vermeil. Each surface is then adorned with embedded gemstones like rubies, sapphires and emeralds based on the particular designs and the customisations requested or needed by the client. 

Each side of the pendant has a different purpose. Hoag says, “Each face of the double-sided Pendant has a distinct energy when pointed toward the body. Choose the Star Face for an active, external and higher mental experience. The Earth Face is more receptive, grounding and heart centred in nature.” Hoag makes some extraordinary claims about the efficacy of the pendants. He says that they are “capable of transducing and focusing energy from the highest levels of consciousness.” He claims further, “most people feel the energy coursing through it and discover it to be unlike any other energetic tool that they have ever experienced… Changes in the body are immediately felt… the pendant has a balancing effect on whatever major chakra disturbance is happening in the person at that time. The pendant energy moves on further to begin opening areas of blockage, which… occurs simultaneously with soothing areas of stress. This is a tool of major transformation.” Wearers become “directly linked to the energies of creation, which may facilitate healing, balancing and higher consciousness. This is a channel of life force energy for physical and spiritual transformation. It enhances your ability to understand and manifest your soul.” 

Metaforms is now focusing on their newest product, the I.Connect. This is an amazing small tool (that slips into the pocket) with a huge purpose: connection. It demonstrates advanced technology that expands awareness, increases energy and activates purpose. Hoag says, “We have been conducting scientific research with this piece with amazing results. In terms of Sacred Geometry the I.Connect utilises a new discovery that I made: Every three-dimensional form has three axis of perfect symmetry. When these three two-dimensional patterns are grouped together in a triad within a circle, a two-dimensional analogue of the three dimensional form is created that is capable of transducing the same energies as the three-dimensional form. This has opened up a new field of study that demonstrates that many of the basic beliefs in modern sacred geometry are wrong. Much of this new information will be available on our website:”

While these may perhaps be extravagant claims, Hoag’s basic arguments seem applicable to these times. We do seem to have strayed far from the principles of harmony and beauty appreciated by the Egyptians and Greeks, and to have embraced ugliness on a major scale. If Hoag is right, this is symptomatic of a disconnection with the divine energies and the principles of Sacred Geometry. Hoag is clearly a pioneer in helping to lead us back to a re-connection which could transform the planet, and allow each of us to find a renewed inner harmony, and get onto a higher spiritual path. 

You can obtain more information on the work of Gregory Hoag and Metaforms here:,,
This article was published in New Dawn 136.
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