The People vs. the Hidden Hand: David Icke Speaks Out (Part 1)

From New Dawn 156 (May-June 2016)

Among those who’ve chosen to question mainstream belief systems, David Icke is an icon, a one-man alarm clock who has probably woken up more people to the global conspiracy than any other individual. He is a natural orator with a compelling and engaging style of both writing and speaking who has managed – in ways unlike any before him – to connect a vast web of seemingly disparate dots into a single, unified picture. It is a picture that, when he explains it to a freshly opened mind, enables that mind to see a single image in a fog of pixels. He has probably been the cause of more “ah-ha!” moments than any other researcher in his field.

David Icke certainly had that effect on this writer, who, after watching his 2009 Melbourne presentation, finally understood how the events of 9/11 fit into a much larger paradigm – how 9/11 was simply a turning point in a complex, yet at the same time, rather straightforward narrative. It is a narrative of increasingly consolidating global power – a power that David Icke has researched and tracked for the past 26 years. But unlike many other researchers who pieced together the history of this global conspiracy, David Icke is not only able to join the dots, he sees where this agenda leads. His books and speeches foretold many aspects of the global conspiracy that have since come true or been exposed – the ‘war on terror’, global financial collapse, elite paedophile rings, emerging police states, the cashless society, implantable microchips, and the West’s brinkmanship against Russia and China with intent to ignite a third world war.

David Icke began speaking truth to power 26 years ago, following a set of mighty synchronicities and epiphanies that prophesied the path to the world stage on which he currently stands. At that time, the world was far from ready to have its cherished beliefs dismantled, and David found himself the target of both ridicule and professional disgrace. But he persevered. He continued to research, to write and to speak. Perhaps if it hadn’t have been for 9/11, he might still have remained a cult hero. Amidst the confusion and dust of the world’s most influential terrorist attack, no one was better positioned and better prepared to make sense of the absolute insanity that followed. And make sense of it he did, exposing in clear and succinct terms the much larger agenda that the 9/11 attack served.

New Dawn has been a longtime supporter of David Icke, and with the release of his newest book, Phantom Self (and how to find the real one), we are eager to welcome him back to Australia on his latest speaking tour. This magazine has been on somewhat of a similar journey in its 25 years of publishing, growing from humble beginnings to be one of the few reliable bastions of truth that dare strike at the heart of the matter – the gathering storm of the global conspiracy. It’s a stance that has won this magazine its share of attacks from the mainstream press. But as David Icke noted before the interview began, “That’s just confirmation you’re on the right track.”

– Marc Star

MARC STAR (MS): For over two decades, you’ve exposed a hidden agenda to enslave humanity via a fascist world government that intends to rule over all via centralised banking, a one world army and a vast surveillance infrastructure. In that time, you’ve been a major voice empowering and waking up people across the entire planet. At this point, the global elites are openly and brazenly devising new ways to protect and increase their power by ‘false flag’ incidents and the legal destruction of hard-won freedoms – and this is all happening as we stand on the verge of the inevitable – mass awakening. We are racing to the finish line: the people vs. the hidden hand. Who’s winning?

DAVID ICKE (DI): If you just looked at the world through the eyes of world events and the mainstream media, then you would likely say that the hidden hand is continuing its vast and long planned agenda of creating a globally centralised fascist/communist dictatorship designed to impose itself on the fine detail of everybody’s life.

I started this journey 26 years ago this month. I think it was the 31st of March 1990. That was the day that I walked into a psychic’s front room and was told I was going to go out onto the world stage, reveal great secrets that would eventually make me world famous, and I would face enormous opposition. But “they” would always be there to protect me.

So that happened 26 years ago this month, and when I started out, well it was a very lonely place. Obviously I faced fantastic – historic in Britain – levels of ridicule and abuse. If you talked to people then – and I did, or tried to – about the kind of information that’s circulating today through what is called the alternative media, then there were very few who wanted to listen, and very few that weren’t instantly, reflex-action, dismissing the whole idea. But over these 26 years I’ve seen an extraordinary change in vast numbers of people. It’s a change that is going on and on – and is expanding all the time.

Through the 90s the expansion was small, comparatively. But after 9/11 and after weapons of mass destruction were not found in Iraq – despite all the devastation that was justified by that lie – people did start, in a more obvious way in terms of numbers, to question the world they’d been told to believe in. What is happening now – in my experience anyway – is we’re moving in this expansion of awareness, this expansion of re-evaluating what people think of the world and how they see the world. It’s going into another level.

Now of course it’s not the majority. It’s nothing like the majority, yet. But compared with 26 years ago, for people like me, it’s dreamland, not just in terms of the numbers of people who are looking at this information, but in terms of the kind of people who are doing it. What I’m seeing now are people that would have dismissed me and all this information with a wave of the hand 26 years ago – 20 years ago, 15 years ago, even 10 years ago – people who are, if you like, of the system, people in the system, people in the structure of the system, people who have up to this point believed in the system and think that anyone who questions or challenges the system must be some kind of anarchist or communist or whatever. These are the kind of people more and more who are looking at the world and saying, “Hold on a minute. Maybe it’s not like I thought it was” – in a number of different ways.

For reasons I explain in the book Phantom Self, and will explain at length at the events in Australia and New Zealand, the middle classes, as they’re called, are being targeted by this hidden hand, because the idea – and it has been the plan along – is to create a global structure in which eventually less than one percent will control everything. And the rest of the population – that which survives – will be in servitude, poverty and deprivation. The idea behind this blatantly gathering global police state is to create the structure that holds in place that status quo of control by the less-than-one percent. I’ve dubbed it the Hunger Games Society, because the structure in that movie series, the structure of that society – never-mind the hunger games themselves – is very much along the lines of what this plan is seeking to impose.

You have to get to the people who currently consider themselves pretty well off, many who would consider themselves even very wealthy, who think that austerity programs and attacks on the poor have nothing to do with them, not their business, doesn’t affect them. What I have been seeking to get across is that it does affect them, because in this hunger games society structure, they are part of the poverty stricken masses as well. Now to do that you have to remove the current wealth, and to a certain extent, the independence of these people.

You are having this targeting of the middle strata of society – and higher. If you’re not in the one percent, they want your money too. They want your wealth. They want your independence too if you’re not in that, well, less-than-one percent, eventually. The United States’ version of the middle class, for instance, has been targeted massively with the outsourcing of jobs overseas. But the key, for me, of parting these people from their money, wealth and independence is what is called the “bail-in.”

We had the outrageous bailouts after the engineered banking crash of 2008. Phenomenal, breathtaking amounts of what is called money were transferred from the people, via governments, to this less-than-one-percent elite – via bailouts of the so-called too-big-to-fail banks. That transfer of wealth was by government funds, or government borrowing, which the people are stuck with paying back. It was a transfer of wealth from the people through governments to the banking elite. And this has created an extraordinary situation in which governments, which are ultimately controlled by the same web, have justified austerity programs upon so many of the population – justified by the lack of money resulting from the banking bailout.

Even with that you have this big strata of people who are still okay – many of them doing very well, certainly by comparison. But the hidden hand wants them too. And so we’ve had this move since the collapse of the banks in Cyprus, in which they’ve moved from a policy of bank bailouts to bail-ins, as they’re called. Instead of governments and institutions of government bailing out banks when they get into trouble, the bail-in goes straight to the bank accounts of those in the banks.

People think that because they’ve got money in the bank it’s safe. But when you put money in a bank, all you are is an unsecured creditor. That’s all you are. And so the idea is to have, at some point – it may be in 2016, it may be in 2017, but at some point in this cycle of imposition and control – they’re planning a massive financial crash, bigger than 2008, which will give them the excuse to have the mass bail-in, which will simply use money that people have in their bank accounts to bailout the bank in question.

If you look at the Cyprus example, which basically kicked this off, there were people – not in the least Russian people – with a lot of money in those Cyprus banks and they lost virtually all of it because the European Union, the European Central Bank, etc., put this so-called deal together – all manipulation – to bailout the banks by taking the people’s money.

Now, more and more people in this middle strata of society – in my experience, anyway – are starting to see that all is not well and that actually they’re not as safe and above it all as they thought they were. Of course it’s not all of them. But now significant numbers of them are starting to look at my information, for instance, because it’s starting to make sense of the world that they see. And that’s the point.

I said many years ago there was going to come a time when what had been hidden would have to break the surface and enter the scene, for a simple reason. If your covert plan is to transform global society via a global centralisation of power and police state imposition, then you can only do it completely covertly up to a point. At some point what you’re doing has to break the surface – in terms of changes to society that people see and experience – because otherwise you’re not going to transform society. You have to bring it into the scene to change the scene in the way that you want.

So we have entered this period now where what is happening in terms of people’s daily experience, what they see on the news, is that a plan, which has been up to this point hidden, is being put in their faces. This is a dangerous and crucial time for the hidden hand because it can’t hide what it’s doing anymore.

I hear people say, “Oh they’re just putting it in your face, now. They don’t care if you know.” There is some truth in that, but only some truth. I think the bigger truth is they don’t have any choice. They have to put it in our faces so that the world that our faces see is transformed into the world they want. Otherwise there’s no point in what they’re doing.

It’s a dangerous time for the global agenda because now people can see more blatantly what’s happening, and they can start to see the patterns. One of the things I focus on, and I certainly will do so during my talks in Australia and New Zealand, is to connect the dots between a vast spectrum of world events so that the pixels become the picture and people see that it’s all connected.

People say, “Oh, you see conspiracies everywhere.” No I don’t. I see one conspiracy, with many endless facets and faces. And that’s what I do in the talks. I connect those dots. And I’ll do it on a scale this time around that I’ve never done before – because as you move on, of course, you know more, things become clearer, and that clarity makes it much simpler to explain. But obviously I’ll also be talking about the nature of reality and the transhumanist agenda.

I’m extremely encouraged by the numbers of people now who are opening their minds to this information, as well as the kind of people – the kind of people who still have influence within the system, who still have influence at those levels of society that can impact upon society in general.

People say, “Oh, it’s not enough, there aren’t enough people awakening to this.” Well for those that can see what’s going on, or at least some of it, it will never be enough, because they know the scale of what’s unfolding and what’s behind it. But because I’ve been doing this for so long – over a quarter of a century – my point of reference is not the numbers that are awakening now, it’s how many were awakened 26 years ago. Because I have this reference point, coming from personal experience, I am extremely encouraged at the difference in numbers between 26 years ago and now. The more people awaken, the more people that talk about it, the more people point things out, the more people hear it, and so the whole thing expands.

The reason that I’m going on this open-ended world tour – which goes into 2017, and will continue for as long as people want me to speak – is because, as I’ve been saying for many years, 2016, 2017 and 2018 are crucial years in deciding which direction human society takes. If we go on as we are, by 2018/2019, when this three–year period is complete, this world will be in serious lockdown in terms of freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and even freedom of movement in many areas. It will be much more difficult then to communicate what’s going on and turn this around than it is now. So I’m giving it everything I can in the next three years to make sure that the awareness of the world as it really is will be put before as many people as possible so this outcome can be headed off.

In the end, of course, we have billions having their lives dictated and manipulated by a ludicrous few, in full knowledge of what they’re doing. And they can only do that while the billions are in ignorance and in apathy.

MS: Your new book is titled Phantom Self. What is the Phantom Self?

DI: I coined the term “phantom self” in the title and the text of my latest book to describe the fake self that people are manipulated into believing is who they are throughout a human life. Phantom self is the self we give a name to, we give a life history to, we give a family history to, we give a race to, and all these labels that people give themselves. Phantom self is a download, basically – a download from the system. We, in our true infinite state, are simply awareness – the state of being aware. Forget the body, forget form. These are all vehicles for this awareness to experience different realities. But the core doesn’t have two legs, two arms, a head and a body. It’s pure awareness. The system, appropriately, systematically has created a structure that we call human life to isolate incarnate awareness from the rest of our infinite awareness. It does this by so focusing attention on the five-sense world of physical illusion that nothing else can get in – i.e., the infinite wisdom, knowledge, and knowing of our true self.

If you look at the system and human life, it’s virtually all focused on the five senses, stimulating the five senses, enticing the five senses, pulling in the five senses. We have this process where we come into this world and immediately we are under the influence of parents, in terms of our sense of reality, our sense of self. And the parents have been through the same system that you are about to go through, and they’ve downloaded the program – not every time, but the vast overwhelming majority of the time. And so you’re immediately influenced in your sense of reality by parents who have downloaded their sense of reality from the system. We accept normals that are completely insane, and we think they’re sane because they’re normal – normal being simply what we experience as what normally happens.

Extraordinarily, within three or four years this incarnate awareness finds itself sitting at a desk with an authority figure representing the system telling the three-, four- or five-year-old when they have to be there, when they can leave, when they can eat, when they can talk, when they can go to the toilet, and so on. It tells them what’s right, what’s wrong, what’s true, what’s not true. And it gives them the system’s version of everything. This goes on year after year after year after year – right into the teenage years as adulthood approaches. At least five days a week, this newly arrived awareness incarnate is downloading the system’s version of everything.

Now they even have this scam when you go from school into college/university education, you actually now have to take out vast loans to pay for your own programming. And so you come out at the end of this long time of downloading the system’s version of life and the world, you come out and you go off into politics, journalism, law, medicine, corporate jobs and positions, and you take with you into all those areas this core programming which everyone goes through. Some reject it because they can see through it. But the vast majority accepts it.

There is a consensus on reality. Some people might call them left wing. Some people might call them right wing. But there is a consensus reality on all the basic things. This is why you get people of the left in politics and people of the right condemning alternative explanations of the world and life, when in every other way they are at loggerheads with each other, because that core programming is there. So a journalist who’s been through that core programming, when there is a health story, they won’t go to someone who has spent, say, 25 years studying other ways of treating people for various ailments. They won’t go to them to get information on the story. They’ll go to a doctor, because the programming says doctors are the only people that know anything about the body. But they’re often the last people that know anything about the body in terms of its real holographic nature. If they want to do a story about reality, they won’t go to someone like me who has spent 26 years studying reality with an open mind. They’ll go to a scientist who’ll give them the sum sheet from the system.

What happens is, once you’ve been through this download, you then become an agent of the system without even realising that’s what you’re doing, because you’re passing on your programming to others. It’s called peer pressure. That’s another level of it. Then you’ve got the mainstream media that’s constantly pouring out the system’s version of everything – which you’ve been told is real through the education system. And so it’s no surprise that people in enormous numbers – billions and billions – go through their entire life believing in a version of self and a version of the world that’s complete crap. But the fact they believe in it means they perceive in a certain way. And thus they behave in a certain way. Thus they oppose things and support things on the basis of their perception of reality.

When you put all of these elements together – the labels people give themselves, the life story, the family history, the racial history and all this programming – what that forms is what I call phantom self. It’s a self identity that believes that what we are is what we see in the mirror, what job we have, what colour we are, what income bracket we are, and so on. But that belief, that sense of self, is a belief in nothing more than a construct, a fake you who has been persuaded that this construct is you. Though there are endless elements of it that I talk about in the books, what overwhelmingly infects the whole perception is a sense of limitation, a sense of “I can’t,” a myopic sense of the possible.

We have a situation then where phantom self, having taken the download, then polices other phantom selves. I use the following analogy in some of my books: We laugh at sheep because they follow the one in front and just run away from the sheep dog. But humans have out-sheeped the sheep, because we don’t need the sheep dog. Humans police each other. It’s like prisoners sitting in a cell, and one prisoner goes to open the door to get out, and the other prisoners run to stop him. That’s how the world of phantom self polices other phantom selves, and keeps them in line.

What we need to do – and again, all this stuff will be talked about in the events in Australia and New Zealand – we need to break out of phantom self by seeing that phantom self is phantom self.

MS: In the book you’ve coined the word transphantomism, as a counterpoint to the transhumanist agenda. What is transphantomism, and what does the world need to know about the transhumanist agenda?

DI: I have a chapter in the book called transphantomism. Transphantomism is a term, obviously, related to transhumanism. The reason I call it transphantomism is because it is the next stage – even beyond phantom self – of isolating awareness in the tiny, tiny, microscopic world of the five senses.

The idea of transhumanism is to get technology, most of it nanotechnology, into the body and connect us in mind/body/perception to what PR men for Frankenstein, like Google’s Ray Kurzweil, call the cloud. He is at the forefront of selling transhumanism as a means of creating the so-called super human. What he is really selling, and Kurzweil will know that, is the sub-human. Kurzweil, for instance, has said he expects that by 2030 most human thinking will not come through the human mind but will come from the cloud, because the human mind/brain will be connected to this cloud just as the computer in front of me now connects to the Internet.

I’ve been writing in the books for a long time about the plan for what I’ve called the technological sub-reality. This is precisely what Kurzweil and his ilk call the cloud. The idea is that we will be technologically attached to, in effect, a version of the Internet and it will do our thinking for us. He is saying that more and more in this process human thinking and perception will come from the cloud, and less and less from what we call human, until there is no human – only the cloud.

Like I say, they are trying to sell this outrageous, blatant, almost ultimate control mechanism as people becoming super human.

I would ask this question: Why would people, representatives of this hidden, global network, that have spent, if you look at it, thousands of years through the generations, who seek to completely control and dictate to humanity, right down to their very thoughts and emotional responses, why on earth does anyone believe they would want to make humans super human. That is the last thing they want.

What we’re seeing is what I call totalitarian tiptoe, where you start at “a” and you know you’re going to “zed,” but you go in steps so the direction you’re actually heading is not obvious to the vast majority of people. But if you track it every day as I do, then you see it. You see the direction it’s going. So the idea first of all was to get people addicted to technology. I say to anyone, “look around you.” Go on a train station, go through an airport, go through any public place where there are a lot people. Look around you. The addiction to technology is extraordinary – usually technology which has “smart” in its name, which is very significant as I explain in the book and explain in the events. So you get people addicted; that’s a step on the totalitarian tiptoe. Then you go to the next stage, which of course is well underway now, and you go to what are termed “wearables.” These are the smart watches, Google Glass, the Bluetooth thing on your ear, burning your brain, etc. There are more and more versions of these so-called wearables.

The next stage after that are what they call “implantables.” And the implantables are getting this technology in the body. The implantables are the level that you can see, but much of this, for reasons I explain at length, is actually being done through nanotechnology and something they call smart dust, which are microscopic robot-type technology that can replicate themselves, that can build systems, that can transform the body into something that is synthetic rather than what we call natural. That is what’s happening. Our world is being turned into a synthetic version of what was before, for reasons I explain.

Once people are technologically attached to this so-called cloud – this technological sub-reality, this fake reality – then the disconnection between incarnate awareness and infinite awareness will be extended, expanded, and made infinitely more extreme than it is even now, through the vehicle of phantom self. This is what we need to alert people to, because if we don’t, then three or four years from now, this transhumanism agenda will be far ahead of where it is now. You’ve only got to look around to see the way technological change is increasingly replacing humans with robots, with machines – straight out of the Matrix that is.

The technology has been known for a long time; they’re just putting it into society in line with their agenda. And this technological “advancement” is getting quicker and quicker. Three years from now, this thing is going to be further along the road. Big time.

In fact, I read an article in Forbes magazine a few months ago when I was writing Phantom Self that talked about implantables being commonplace in three or four years from now. Of course, the rest of the system – like the cashless society, etc. – is moving in the direction of making it harder and harder to function in society without this technology. It’s all part of the plan.

We have a massive job in the next three years or so to expose this transhumanist agenda for what it really is: the assimilation of what we call human into the technological prison cell of artificial intelligence. And what is this artificial intelligence? No one seems to ask that. What is this artificial intelligence that will be dictating to human minds through the cloud? I say that this artificial intelligence is actually the force that’s been and is behind all this – as I explain in Phantom Self and will explain in the events.

 The second part of this interview appears in New Dawn 157 (July-August 2016) and can be read online here

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