Crop Circles: Messages from Another World?

From New Dawn 155 (Mar-Apr 2016)

If there were a hazard meter capable of measuring the precariousness of human survival on planet Earth, the needle would surely be pointing deep into the red zone. James Lovelock, father of the Gaia hypothesis, predicts that within the next hundred years 80% of humanity will have been wiped out. The unstoppable juggernaut of global warming and its concomitant catastrophes, he says, will utterly decimate our species. Moreover, effective interventions are no longer feasible, and what is now inevitable cannot be undone. Hopefully, Lovelock concludes, the small portion that survives “Armageddon” will have finally learned to live in harmony with nature and the environment. It will be a new beginning: a species that will have re-modelled itself, not so much through technology as through severe pain, loss and hardship.

Assuming that Lovelock may be right on this one, are there currently alien forms of life observing us and monitoring our perilous situation? Are there, as some appear to believe, aliens now living in our midst, collaborating with covert military and governmental agencies, perhaps even darkly precipitating these events? Or are there, conversely, communications softly whispered to us from inter-dimensional entities attempting to assist us, even at this late hour? Or again, is this all just in our heads, nothing but the froth and fantasy of human delusion?

To attempt to answer seriously the burning question of human-alien interaction, we need first to consider whence the word alien originates, and how language, as substrate and vehicle of human consciousness, can as easily give rise to phantoms and fears as insight and understanding. The word itself derives from the Latin word alienus, which signifies something (or someone) strange, foreign and fundamentally other. In the United States, the intermediate status between an illegal immigrant and a full-fledged citizen is termed resident alien. Such an individual has the right to work and reside in the country but not to vote. The resident alien is given a “green card.” It always struck me that there must be something in the American psyche linking green cards with little green men.

What we deem to be alien is, unconsciously, seen by us as foreign, impenetrable, untrustworthy, thus capable of betrayal. What is truly dangerous, however, is our habit of casting other human beings as truly other than us. Whenever the word alien is uttered, there is always a shadow of fear and potential violence. At the same time, history has taught us that other human beings, and that includes ourselves, are not to be trusted. Why, therefore, would we not be deeply fearful of real aliens?

The concept of the Grays and Reptilians of alien origin masquerading as humans, deviously operating from seats of power behind the scenes, has gripped certain sections of the popular imagination, but this is nothing more than pulp fiction playing on deep-seated, infantile fears. Such phobias within the population actually are highly useful to the shadowy forces within the Deep State that cleverly employ the subterfuge of malign alien presences and strange UFO incursions in order to deflect attention away from secretive, super hi-tech, and highly classified military experiments.

Those who control the reins of fear control history and world events. Certainly, the twentieth century’s dark history of disenfranchisement, from the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II to the current, very real threat of summarily corralling hundreds of thousands of Muslim Americans en masse and placing them in FEMA camps, demonstrates the interplay of racially driven fears, totalitarian reflexes and connotations surrounding the concept of the alien.

One could also say that the Native American population, and similarly the indigenous Australian peoples (amongst others), were historically targeted for destruction or exploitation by conquering military or corporate invaders. The original inhabitants were seen as irredeemably alien, if not sub-human. The entire global history of colonisation, missionary zeal, enslavement and genocide, as famously depicted in Conrad’s novel, Heart of Darkness, revolves around the perception of the racially other as fundamentally alien, inferior and requiring redemption. This was obviously the rationale behind Hitler’s “Final Solution.”

Before we probe further into etymology and the interweaving of language, history, psychology and geopolitics, let’s rewind the spool and time-travel backwards into the mists of prehistory. Aeons ago, wide-eyed and tremulous, our pre-hominid forebears emerged from thick tangles of jungle under whose cover they’d swung or timidly crept, dimly aware there existed vaster worlds beyond the familiar forest canopy. They then stumbled upon a stone strewn wilderness of dancing grasses littered with new dangers and opportunities. Propelled by an irrepressible inner destiny, which scholars would later call “evolution,” as early man stepped out tentatively on to the scorched savannahs, he encountered night as never before, wide-open and naked, as though for the first time. Used to seeing the glowing eyes of nocturnal predators within the thick drapery of vines and foliage, here, with the shock of the new, he would see, unclothed in all its awesome enormity and strangeness, the full moon and the firmament replete with innumerable watchful presences each moving with a precise, coordinated logic utterly different from the movements of animals, winds, water or other things of this earth. Here was the crucible of an ineffably superior order, of a slowly nascent conception of astrological powers and later on of astronomy, of man’s hauntingly nostalgic sense of his own lost extraterrestrial origins.

Above him unfurled windswept swathes and rising gulfs of air, driving him to seek refuge in caves. But what refuge could he possibly find from these great lanternous gyres? The mysterious turnings in the deep blue-blackness stirred the contemplative mind of our ancestors, stimulating the explosive growth of the cerebral cortex. For we urgently required more thinking capacity to examine this new, hieroglyphic nature of reality. Man’s symbol-making mind was being birthed beneath the stars. And these stars helped him navigate, not just on earthly pathways, as a nomadic tribal being, but also inwardly, as a traveller of the mental dimensions, and as a seeker. The night gave rise to terrors, but also to the sublime, the ethereal, the intellectual and, most importantly, as far as we are here concerned, to the feeling that we humans are not alone: there exists a bridge between the higher and the lower realms.

All this would be articulated in the ziggurats of the early Mesopotamian people, the raised promontories of the Mayans and, somewhat later, the tall thin spires of Gothic cathedrals; later still, in the ensuing scientific age, super-sensitive antennae perched atop questing satellites and far-flung space probes.

The Vatican Checking for Aliens?

Today, even the Vatican owns, and runs, a private astronomical observatory. Why would the Holy See construct a sky-scouring facility in the Arizona desert? The Vatican Observatory, overseen by Brother Guy Consolmagno, direct appointee of Pope Francis himself, incorporates the so-called Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope. In the director’s own words, the purpose is to joyfully study the glory of the stars, crown jewels of the Lord’s creation:

All the science we do, and all the outreach we do, reflects a quality that motivates everything we do in astronomy: a sense of joy. The stars are glorious, and it’s a treat to be engaged in their study. Their glory proclaims the Glory of their Creator!

That, at least, is the official version. But the Vatican has centuries of strategic survival instinct to draw on, and would not want to be caught with its “pants down.” For if advanced alien life forms were detected, or suddenly communicated with us on planet Earth, the viability of any religious ideology would rely on it being able to seamlessly assimilate this new “exo-biblical” factor. The Vatican Observatory surely shows just how seriously the Catholic Church is taking the idea of imminent human-alien interaction.

Many writers and scholars have proposed extraterrestrial links to very early human civilisations whose prowess, in many respects, far surpasses our own, despite, or perhaps because of no extant evidence of what we would term technological tools. This begs the question as to whether more advanced techniques, impervious to our current knowledge, were employed. When, for example, university research projects in Peru attempted to replicate the precise stone-cutting of pre-Inca builders, their results proved to be embarrassing failures, even with the use of modern power tools and advanced computer software.

Today we have convinced ourselves that modern humans can 3-D print just about anything we wish, yet we ourselves have not the faintest clue as to how the stones for ancient megalithic constructions were cut and fitted, let alone transported to their final destination sites. The sarsen stones of Stonehenge along with other sacred megalithic constructions remain impenetrable enigmas. There must be something very irritating here for the scientific mind – which too easily degrades itself into the arrogant scientistic mind – that these riddles have not yet been solved. For those outside the mainstream, a preferred explanation tends to be there was help “from above”; that is, extraterrestrials sojourning on Earth collaborated or advised in the construction and development of early human civilisations.

Today there are multiple bursting files of “evidence” and sworn affidavits by persons highly ranked within the military as to interactions with alien spacecraft and/or alien beings. The so-called Disclosure Project was designed to collate and integrate as much of this evidence as possible. Yet the attempt to persuade the general public always gets stymied by officialdom itself. Thus, hearsay, conspiracy theory, claims and counterclaims end up inducing a paradoxical mix of credulity and disbelief in the average Joe. This, we must understand, is very much to the benefit of whoever is trying to control public opinion.

What is actually going on? Is there any way of penetrating all the manipulated projections and mind control without falling prey to irrational speculation?

The Crop Circle Connection

Whilst there seems to be a very dark and militaristic aspect to human-alien interaction, to my mind, one of the most intriguing and compelling arenas of human-alien communication has been crop circles. The almost spontaneous delivery of these ciphers, or cryptograms, as much as the actual content they encode, gives one the sense of a downstreaming of intelligent communication from another dimension. The ugly attempts to ridicule them as hoaxes perpetrated by pranksters is utterly unconvincing when one compares the refined geometric elegance of a genuine circle with a known fraudulent one. The deliberate disinformation from official sources has been exposed in the writings of longtime researchers such as Freddy Silva in his book Secrets in the Fields.1

With crop circles we are not necessarily dealing with three dimensional alien beings residing far away on exoplanets. Such mainstream, rational versions of alien life aboard sister earthships are quite conventional and are naively based upon the premise that other regions of the cosmos, due to purely mathematical probability, would have allowed for the emergence of exotic yet fundamentally comparable versions of ourselves. Here, instead, we seem to be dealing with invisible, intangible fields of intelligence, capable of creating extraordinary ciphers and delivering them to us by altering the molecular and electromagnetic structure of stalks of wheat. The sense we have been getting, for over three decades, is of someone trying to tell us something, or show us something, or, perhaps, remind us of something. Most importantly of all, the impetus to communicate, the sense of urgency is coming from them, not from us. What are “they” trying to tell us?

The two Chilbolton formations appeared in August 2011 near the Chilbolton Observatory in Hampshire, UK. Are extraterrestrials trying to tell us something or show us something? Photo Copyright: Lucy Pringle,

2001 was the year, we are often reminded, that our world irrevocably changed when the Twin Towers came crashing down on that fateful September 11th day in New York. But it was also the year that, near Chilbolton Observatory in Hampshire, UK, two astonishing crop circles, or rather, crop rectangles, appeared. What is even more interesting is that these were first sighted on the morning of Tuesday, August 21st, exactly three weeks before the mega-attack in Manhattan occurred. Is this a coincidence, or is there some synchronicity involved?

The two Chilbolton formations consisted of, on the one hand, a section of binary code reminiscent of a computer chip and, on the other, a blurry humanoid face within a rectangular frame measuring 44m by 57m. The wheat stalks composing the face were bent in such a way as to make the image appear pixilated with heavily overhung brows, deep sockets, and an inscrutable demeanour. The Chilbolton face is, above all, emotionless. Looking back at it now, would it be off the mark to suggest that it conjures up a spectral reflection of what we have today become beneath the thin veneer of our civilisation, in a world racked by incessant wars, internecine conflicts, drone attacks and desensitised acts of extreme brutality?

Or is it a kind of identikit portrait, sent for our perusal, of an actual alien race from a far-off galactic zone?

As for the “computer chip” segment, it contained a message. This message was decoded by Paul Vigay, a computer expert who back-linked it to a coded signal originally sent out by SETI on November 16th, 1974, from the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. SETI had aimed its coded message at a star cluster known as M13 in the Hercules constellation. The purpose of the outgoing message was to deliver technical information about life in our Solar System to intelligent aliens who, it was hypothesised, if they existed, would most likely be capable of decoding it. The Arecibo radio signal had been delivered in binary code with a total of 1679 pulses.

The returning signal, if authentic, appeared to provide reciprocal information about the alien species within M13, including its population (21.3 billion) and the high prevalence of silicon in its periodic table, suggesting to some interpreters that these aliens sending us back their own encoded messages may be cyborgs or robots.

Alien “portrait” at Sparsholt

The impressive 2002 Sparsholt formation, a rendition of our common projection of an alien, ET or Gray. Copyright: Lucy Pringle,

Hardly another year had passed before yet another formation, again in Hampshire but this time at Sparsholt near the town of Winchester, appeared. It consisted of a “portrait” within an even larger rectangle, about 120m in length.2 The huge rectangle framed a clear rendition of our common cultural projection of an alien, ET or Gray. Looking at it gives one the distinct feeling this is a highly intelligent and refined, also deeply ironic, form of communication. Unlike the Chilbolton “portrait,” instead of a pixilated image, the Sparsholt “portrait” evokes an image on an old cathode ray TV screen. For, when viewed from above, the figure we see in the field is composed of clearly delineated horizontal lines.

Thus the Sparsholt portrait is clearly intended to be interpreted as a projection from an undetectable alien source. This projection has itself been projected as if it were a TV image. Not only that but this small screen image suggests the producers are thoroughly aware of how we humans project outwards from our culturally manipulated unconscious, clichéd visual renditions of what aliens are “supposed” to look like. All of these factors lead one to suspect that whoever produced this crop rectangle at Sparsholt knows far more about us than we could possibly imagine. And that this knowledge “they” have of us is not limited to the type of information encoded in the original SETI radio signals which focused on external data such as Earth’s global population back in 1974, the atomic numbers for elements constituting the basic constituents of organic life in our Solar System, the composition of the DNA molecule, the height of the average human, and the Arecibo telescope itself from which the original, outgoing message was dispatched. No, the Sparsholt formation appears to show us that the emitters can read our minds, can penetrate our unconscious imaginal codes, not merely our rational, science-based ones. At Sparsholt, we may be presented with evidence of extraterrestrial insight into human psychic functioning, relayed back to us as a riddle to be solved. To put it most unequivocally, this Hollywood head-and-shoulder rendition of an ET in the rectangular frame does not attempt to represent what distant aliens look like; on the contrary, it reveals to us how we ourselves project names and forms outwardly from our own unenlightened understanding and semi-superstitious modes of perception, exactly as did the chained prisoners in the story of Plato’s Cave.

But there is more: offset from the huge rectangular framed portrait at Sparsholt and perched on the ET’s left shoulder in such a way that it literally breaks through the lateral perimeter of the frame, is a wide disc encrypted with bits of binary coded information. When the experts finally deciphered the contents of this disc, what messages did they find? Paul Vigay, already mentioned in a previous paragraph, set about the work of deciphering the disc with an open, inquisitive mind. It struck him at first that the binary disc reminded him of the notched metal plates inside old Victorian music boxes, then of cymatics and later of planetary grid systems. Very soon, however, Vigay came to discern a semantic content encrypted into the disc. By invoking the “bits per byte” methods of notation commonly used by computer programmers, Vigay was quickly able to translate the disc’s outwardly spiralling sequence of raised and flattened tufts of wheat into text. What emerged was the following:

Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts and their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. (Damaged word.) There is GOOD out there. We OPpose DECEPTION. Conduit closing (BELL SOUND).3

What can we conclude from these enigmatic words? I suggest this message is a cryptic call to that part of humanity that remains capable of hearing what the Greeks called the Music of the Spheres; almost a command, although delivered as a whisper, just as the Music of the Spheres was not so much a sound as an inner harmony between parts. Nonetheless, a call to arms, on the level of the heart and the mind, a reminder of our individual spiritual responsibility. If there is a side to human interaction with aliens which, whether real or imagined, focuses on predation, abduction, conquest and exploitation, there is also this gentle voice exhorting us to stay vigilant, lucid and receptive; to retain our grip on the wheel of reality by staying true to a deeper vision.

Archons & Ahriman

The entire alien-interaction theme brings to mind the Gnostic concept of archons, and in particular Ahriman, that master meddler and deceiver. It maybe that the contrasts between light and dark, inspiration and terror streaming out of the extraterrestrial sphere articulate the esoteric Manichean tensions between good and evil entities, and the effects of forces which are inimical to our spiritual and existential growth. One could perhaps say that these forces are not truly situated somewhere else but reside within the human heart, and that the human heart, with its potentially limitless scope of understanding, encompasses both opposing extremes.

Rudolf Steiner, in one of his lectures on Lucifer and Ahriman, has this to say on the subject:

If the right stand is to be taken to Ahriman’s future incarnations, people must become far more objective where their own impulses are concerned, and far, far more subjective where the external world is concerned – not by introducing pictures in fantasy but by bringing interest, alert attention, and devotion to the things of immediate life.4

Since we first ventured out, many millions of years ago through that verdant curtain at the forest’s edge, we humans have stumbled, and occasionally swaggered through trials, challenges, conquests, epiphanies and corruption, searching endlessly for our own peculiar destiny. Indeed, it is only recently we have become aware that the very stars above us must, like us, perish, they too have their share of conflicts and will eventually be extinguished, transforming into red giants or white dwarfs, or collapsing into limitless, hyperdense black holes of forgetting and nothingness. In our hearts we carry both love and hatred, both the Christ impulse and the Ahriman or Luciferian impulse.

The innumerable snowflakes that have fallen around us since that first intrepid and fateful venturing out on to the open plain have threatened our survival with the promise of terminal cold, but they have also delivered tiny, inimitable packets of cosmic perfection, of which the mysterious crop circles are fantastic elaborations. We ourselves are nothing but extraterrestrials stranded on a distant planet. We shall find our longed for origins in the sky only by rediscovering that way back home here on Earth.

This article was published in New Dawn 155.
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