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New Dawn 105 (November-December 2007)

The End of Eden: The Comet That Changed Civilisation
3,500 years ago Earth encountered a massive comet. As a result, Graham Phillips argues, cultures the world over began to exhibit significant aggressive tendencies.

A Pagan Christ?
With the approach of Christmas, Richard Smoley, an expert on ancient mystery traditions, reflects on Christianity’s hidden origins and the true meaning of the Christ.

The Magus Was a Spy
Dr. Richard Spence looks at Aleister Crowley’s links with the British secret service and uncovers curious connections between the world of espionage and the occult.

The Return of Sacred Architecture
In part two of his article, North American architect Herbert Bangs explores the application of sacred geometry in building designs of the future.

Feng Shu and Geopolitics
For 30 years Steven Guth has studied the geopolitical implications of Feng Shu. He explains how this ancient Chinese art is being used to influence Australia’s destiny.

Forces of the Unconscious Mind
British psychologist Stan Gooch has been described as one of the most brilliant paranormal investigators of the 20th century. A look at his revolutionary insights.

Secret Wisdom: The Spiritual Legacy of Ancient Egypt
Edward Malkowski, author of a new book on Egyptian wisdom, reveals the sacred science at the heart of ancient Egypt’s amazing civilisation.

Prophecy in the Third Millennium
Are we on the verge of a new spiritual era? Are mysterious supernatural entities directing human history to a final Apocalypse and the dawn of a new golden age?