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New Dawn 106 (January-February 2008)

The Hidden Holocaust: Our Civilisational Crisis (Part 1)
Nafeez Ahmed casts a spotlight on censored history to reveal the campaign of global genocide and murder underlying modern civilisation.

Apocalypse 2012?
Reflections on the end of the Mayan calendar. Richard Smoley examines the ideas of José Argüelles, John Major Jenkins & Terence McKenna, and questions what does it all mean?

2012: A Time Odyssey
Are we fast approaching the end or a new beginning? Author and film maker Sharron Rose on the signs of the times and how we can awake to a new life.

The Power of the Mind
Biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton explains the latest scientific findings showing we are not the victims of our genes but in fact have the ability to control our internal programming.

Christ in North America?
Wayne May looks at traditions of a mysterious, bearded visitor from overseas that have been current across North America since pre-Columbian times.

Esoteric Science and the Western Mystery Tradition
An interview with Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki of the Servants of the Light school.

AIDS Genocide Exposed (Part 1)
New Dawn contributor Dr. Alan Cantwell, author of Queer Blood and AIDS and the Doctors of Death, speaks with John LeKay.

The Bogomils: Europe’s Forgotten Gnostics
The little known story of the Bogomils, Eastern European gnostics who resisted the might of the Roman Catholic Church.

Sacred Science: The Technical Legacy of Ancient Egypt
Ed Malkowski investigates the advanced mathematical and symbol system of ancient Egypt to show its correspondence with today’s science of quantum physics.