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New Dawn 121 (July-August 2010)

Global Crisis: The Time of Testing is Here
Systems are breaking down and the elite controllers are consolidating more power. These are signs, says Richard Cook, of the prophesied “end of the age.”

An Ancient Warning, A Global Message
From the End of the Last Ice Age. Robert Schoch investigates Easter Island’s mysterious and undeciphered script – the record of a planetary catastrophe?

Rock’s Sympathy for the Devil
Michael Howard digs up the truth behind the widespread use of magical symbols and allegations of occult dabblings by famous rock musicians.

The Brave New World of Pre-Drugging Kids
Patrick McGorry & “Psychosis Risk Syndrome”. Jan Eastgate exposes frightening new plans by psychiatrists to drug children for invented mental disorders.

The Secret Message of Barbury Castle Crop Circle
More than a Piece of Pi and Who Left the ‘H’ Out in the Rain? Trevor Ward uncovers an amazing link between two crop circles that appeared 17 years apart.

Food for the Moon
Are Unnatural Mysterious Lunar Forces Working Against Humanity? asks Louis Proud. Why some believe the Moon is a living parasite feeding off humanity!

Eros & Gnosis
A Gnostic Study of Human Sexuality. In this comprehensive overview, Dr. Stephan Hoeller presents Gnostic ways of viewing and dealing with sexuality.