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New Dawn 132 (May-June 2012)

Interview with a Time Traveller
Frank Joseph talks with American author and mystic Von Brashler about his techniques for transcending time and realising higher dimensions.

Illuminati Hell Or Aquarian Heaven?
Is there a connection between the New Age movement and the push for a ’New World Order’? John Lamb Lash separates fact from fiction.

New World Or Prison Planet?
Are you ready to meet the future? Prominent writers and researchers share their perspectives on the signs of the times.

An Encounter with the Ancient Wisdom
Richard Smoley relates his own personal introduction to the ancient wisdom tradition, and the simple things you can do to access this knowledge.

Cultivating Consciousness in an Unconscious World
People are manipulated and most don’t even know it – all because they’re not paying proper attention. Richard Smoley shows you how to take back control.

The Gympie Pyramid
Evidence of an ancient civilisation in Australia? Gordon De L. Marshall presents the remarkable and little known story of Australia’s own lost pyramid.

Contagion: How Disaster Movies “Educate” the Masses
Hollywood movies are meant to be entertainment, but sometimes their plots conceal a hidden agenda. Vigilant Citizen exposes the messages they want you to accept.

Aleister Crowley: Spiritual Revolutionary
Tobias Churton examines the life and work of Britain’s notorious magickian and his secret role in guiding the Allies to victory in World War II.

Synchronicity: The Art of Coincidence
An interview with psychologist Dr. Kirby Surprise. He unveils some of the secrets of this amazing experience, and shows you how to harness its incredible power.