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Articles Inside New Dawn 196 (Jan-Feb 2023)

80 pages • A4 size • Full Colour Glossy Magazine
  • 2023: The Decline Accelerates by John Michael Greer
  • What to Watch for in the New Year by Dr. T.J. Coles
  • 2023: Lifting the Veil by Patrick Henningsen
  • The Men Who Run the World: Inside the Global Power Elite’s Quest for Domination by Dr. T.J. Coles
  • The Man Who Created the Global Energy Crisis by F. William Engdahl
  • Reimagining Food, Farming & Humanity: Ecomodernism’s Dystopia by Colin Todhunter
  • The Medicinal & Healing Arts: Messages from Antiquity by Rahul Goswami
  • The Queen of Conspiracy: The Life & Times of Mae Brussell – Part Two: Taking on the Fourth Reich in America by Marie D. Jones
  • Ukraine & the Post-War US/Nazi Connection by Marie D. Jones
  • The Hero’s Journey Can Be Your Journey by Von Braschler

Am I No Longer Employable? by Sarah Ratliff

A Short Essay on My Return to India by Jason Gregory

Our Mortality Should Unite Us by Caitlin Johnstone

Homemade Probiotics by Kate Downham


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