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New Dawn 94 (January-February 2006)

Bird Flu or Cash Cow?
Who’s behind designer germs? Are we being told the truth about the so-called bird flu threat? Investigative writer and activist Eve Hillary examines the possible origin of new viruses and the bonanza they offer the biotech industry.

The Supernatural World of Graham Hancock
There are very few authors in the alternative science and history genres who excite as much interest as Graham Hancock. In this interview with Greg Taylor for the online journal Sub Rosa, he discusses his new book and his forays into visionary worlds through the use of hallucinogens.

Canberra’s Geomantic Powers
The landscape of Canberra is enlivened by hidden energy streams. Feng Shui expert Steven Guth introduces us to Australia’s cosmic capital and the man responsible for its revolutionary design.

How Brain Software Programs Brain Hardware
Our view of reality is conditioned by words, metaphors and linguistic structures programmed into us from birth, and this is a cause of many misunderstandings. Internationally famous thinker Robert Anton Wilson shows how a change in our language can positively transform our perception of the world.

Interview With Robert Anton Wilson
Rev. Dr. Shé D’Montford interviews philosopher, futurist, conspiricist, Libertarian, guerilla ontologist and controversial satirical author Robert Anton Wilson, best-known for his books The Schrödinger’s Cat trilogy, and The Illuminatus trilogy.

America’s Arcane Origins
What’s really behind the symbolism on the US dollar bill and the mysterious design of the US capital? Author Frank Joseph reveals the iconological signs of the new civilisation the American Founding Fathers set out to create in the New World.

Rosslyn: Chapel or Temple?
For centuries the intricately carved stones of Rosslyn Chapel near Edinburgh have intrigued historians and sparked stories of hidden holy relics, even the fabled Holy Grail. Writer and spiritual artist Lesley Crossingham walks us through the chapel and its amazing architecture.

Escape From the Prison Planet
Is there a connection between the idea that Earth is a prison planet found in much UFO literature and the message of the ancient mystic texts uncovered in the Egyptian desert at the end of World War II?