New Dawn Special Issue 13


72 page magazine

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New Dawn Special Issue 13

Twilight of the Gods
At the Dawn of Civilisation
By Erich Von Daniken

The Dreamtime & the Dogon
Records of Encounters with Our Alien Creators
By Shannon Dorey

Was Our Solar System Designed to Produce Humans?
By Christopher Knight & Alan Butler

Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt
By Christopher Dunn

A New Theory for the Great Pyramid
How Science is Changing Our View of the Past
By Edward Malkowski

The True Story of Archaic and Predynastic Egypt
By Robert Temple

Enter the Jaguar
The Visionary Technology of Chavin
By Mike Jay

Glass Castles & Fire From the Sky
A New Theory of Ancient Vitrification
By Robert Schoch

The Sacred Bee
A Lost Tradition Remembered
By Andrew Gough

The White Goddess
Tracing the Roots of the Matriarchy vs Patriarchy Debate
By William Kennedy