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New Dawn 119 (March-April 2010)

Haitian Catastrophe Raises Spectre of Earthquake Weapon
Jason Jeffrey examines the evidence behind Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez’s claim that a secret US military weapon was unleashed on Haiti.

Our Evolving Solar System
Plasma, Polar Reversals and 2012. Mark Heley provides a comprehensive analysis of the potential threats facing planet Earth.

Cosmic Rays and Cygnus X-3
Its Significance to Human Evolution. Andrew Collins explores a mysterious deep space object and the possible effect of its gamma rays on humanity.

Healing With Vibration
Where Past Meets Future. Kenneth Smith looks at the connection between the emerging field of bioenergetics and the amazing predictions of Edgar Cayce.

Visions of the Future – Sim Card Man
Is there a hidden extraterrestrial conspiracy behind advances in artificial intelligence? Nigel Kerner introduces his theory on the Grey alien phenomenon.

Search for the Elixir of Immortality
The Philosopher’s Stone – Part Two. Robert Cox explains the “white and red sulphurs” and the alchemical process used to produce forms of gold.

The Secrets That Surround Us
New Light on Western Secret Societies. Few are aware that ancient wisdom preserved by secret societies is part of our everyday life, says Freddy Silva.

A Yoga of Love: Western Tantra Reviewed
In the second part of this article, Victoria LePage continues her examination of the personages and tantric practices in the history of sex and spirituality.