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New Dawn 96 (May-June 2006)

Who Built the Moon? An Interview With Christopher Knight
The Moon has confounded scientists for many years. It does not obey the known rules of astrophysics and there is no coherent theory of its origin – in fact it should not really be there. Best selling author Christopher Knight talks to New Dawn about his new book and its amazing conclusions.

The Gospel of Judas Revealed
For 2,000 years Judas has been reviled for betraying Jesus. Now a newly translated ancient manuscript offers us a very different Judas. In this version, he is a favoured disciple who was given special knowledge by Jesus. Robert Black introduces us to Judas’s Gospel.

The Truth About Tibet
Everyone thinks Tibet was an independent country that was invaded by the Chinese in the 1950s. Dr. Norman Williams shows the truth, however, is somewhat different, and to understand it we need to know something of the history of Tibet.

How to Make a Ghost: Magic & Mysticism in Tibet
Accounts of Tibetan mystics and their fascinating powers include such phenomena as levitation, telepathy, and the ability to self-heat. Herbie Brennan, a writer on occult Tibet, tells us about this unique culture which has invesitigated the mysteries of mind and magic to a degree never before attempted.

The Mystery of Iniquity
Does evil exist or do bad things just happen? The alternative worldview of the Gnostics, writes Dr. Stephan A. Hoeller, provides a startling solution to the problem of suffering and injustice.

A Western Book of the Dead
Robert Moss explains we have entirely natural contact with the departed in our dreams and we may travel into their realms. He shows how we can become active dreamers, heal our relationship with the departed, and move beyond the fear of death.

Secret Teachings Reborn
Manly P. Hall was among the twentieth century’s most commanding and unusual scholars of esoteric and mythological lore. Mitch Horowitz discusses his extraordinary life and legacy.

Signs in the Sky, Signs of the Times
We may live in extraordinary times, but they are not incomprehensible when you know how to read the signs. Ray Grasse deciphers the signs and correspondences of our nearing Aquarian future, and the fading Piscean Age, to reveal we are all participants in an unfolding global and cosmic drama.

C.W. Leadbeater: Saint or Sinner?
Who was Charles Webster Leadbeater, the man regarded by many as the true founding-father of the “New Age” movement? Frank Joseph looks at this controversial, larger-than-life character.