New Dawn Special Issue Vol.14 No.6


72 page magazine

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Articles Inside New Dawn Special Issue Vol. 14 No.6

72 pages • A4 size • Full Color Glossy Magazine
  • Bubbles of Hate: How Social Media Keeps Users Addicted, Alone, & Ill-Informed by Dr. T.J. Coles
  • 7 Top Reasons to Reduce Smartphone Usage by Fred Dodson
  • Meet Your Microbiome & Nurture a Healthy Gut & Clear Mind by Bridgette Shea
  • Official Health Guidance WRONG Again: Saturated Fats are Fine – It’s the Vegetable Oils That Can Kill You by Malcolm Kendrick
  • Cannabis Healing by Franjo Grotenhermen, M.D
  • Vitamin D: COVID-19 & Immunity Special Section by Helen Cannington
  • What is the Keto Diet? by Pete Evans
  • Long-Term Danger to the Health & Life of the Planet: Bill Gates Grows Global Empire, Expands Large-Scale Biopiracy by Vandana Shiva
  • EAP: A Western Approach to Mindfulness by Russell Sturgess
  • Still Smoking? by Brigitte Mars
  • Cancer: Curse or Blessing? by Tjitze de Jong
  • Healing in the Akashic Field: The Quantum Science of Information Medicine by Dr. Maria Sági
  • Are Conflicted Emotions & Thoughts at the Root of Illness? by Jacques Martel
  • Clearing the Energy of Your Business by Joanne Brocas
  • The Lure of Immortality by John Nelson
  • The War on Death by Charles Eisenstein
  • Meditations on Peace by Caitlin Johnstone
  • Lucid Living by Caitlin Johnstone
  • You are Made of Stardust by David R. Hamilton