New Dawn Special Issue Vol.16 No.3



Articles Inside New Dawn Special Issue Vol. 16 No.3

80 pages • A4 size • Full Color Glossy Magazine
  • Countdown to World War III: A Third World War Threatens the Future of Humanity by Prof Michel Chossudovsky
  • Ukraine-Russia: Advancing the Agenda of the Great Reset by Peter Koenig
  • Coming Soon: Digital Prison Planet – Crypto, Blockchain & the Cashless Society By T.J. Coles
  • Australia’s Digital ID is Part of Global Plan by Jason Jeffrey
  • Toxic Shock: The Glyphosate Threat to Human Health by Marie D. Jones
  • From PsyOps to MindWars by Marie D. Jones
  • “…this is a political persecution of the most heinous kind”: Interview with Stella Assange
  • Insane in the Ukraine: The Truth Behind Russia’s Claim that the US Set Up Biowarfare Labs In Its Neighbour by T.J. Coles
  • The Biowarfare Secrets of Hunter Biden’s Laptop by T.J. Coles
  • Ukraine: A New Stage in the Clash of East and West by Boris Nad
  • The Slow Creep of the United Nations: One World Government Hidden Behind the Climate Change Agenda by Dustin Broadbery
  • The Rise & Fall of Ghislaine Maxwell Heiress to an Espionage Empire by Whitney Webb
  • Plus More