Esoteric Australia

By MEHMET SABEHEDDIN — In 2001 as Australians celebrated the centenary of federation, no attention was paid to the role of mystic thinkers and esoteric ideas in Australian history. The vast majority of Australians know nothing of the “inner side” of their country’s political, cultural and religious evolution. How many people are aware, for example, that the call sign of Sydney’s pioneering radio station 2GB stands for the martyred sixteenth century mage Giordano Bruno (GB)? Or that Prime … [Read more...]

Did Chinese Mariners Land on Australian Shores Before Europeans?

BY DAN BYRNES — Gavin Menzies, the former British submariner, and author of 1421: The Year That China Discovered The World1 is visiting Warrnambool (located in the Australian state of Victoria) in September this year [2005] to test his startling theory against a resolution of the mystery of the Mahogany Ship. A fascinating contest between maritime mystery theories is now being proposed. Since he published, Menzies has maintained a website ( to present evidence he believes … [Read more...]