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From New Dawn 147 (Nov-Dec 2014)

As a post-2012 digitally-networked generation rushes headlong into a juncture between an ever-growing global corporatocracy, an ever-worsening financial barometer, never-ending military adventures and the drumbeats of World War III, an alternative dialogue on the Internet continues to grow thanks to ardent truthseekers like, among others, Luke Radkowski of We Are Change, Mel Fabregas of Veritas Radio, Alex Jones of InfoWars, and Sean Stone, the host of Buzzsaw, a weekly interview program broadcast on TheLip.TV.

Buzzsaw’s library of guests cover a broad range of topics that strike at the heart of our current human predicament – former World Bank lawyer and whistleblower Karen Hudes, Public Enemy’s Professor Griff (on Illuminati influence in the music industry), former Mossad agent Juval Aviv, Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot, economic ‘hitman’ John Perkins, and Bilderberg exposer Daniel Estulin, among many others. In his Buzzsaw interviews, Mr. Stone takes the conversation to spaces the mainstream media dare not tread.

Some may be familiar with Mr. Stone as an actor, writer, producer and director of a number of Hollywood films, like his latest, Greystone Park, a horror film based on his true life experiences searching for the supernatural in an abandoned psychiatric hospital. Others may know him as the son of controversial filmmaker Oliver Stone, or as the co-host during the final season of Jesse Ventura’s ‘Conspiracy Theory’ on TruTV. For some, their first exposure to Sean Stone may have been on Fox’s ‘O’Reilly Factor’ where he elaborated on Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad’s stance on Israel and the Holocaust, intending to give more depth to a man that the mainstream media tends to paint one-dimensionally as a ‘fanatic’. At a young 29 years of age, Mr. Stone is not only accomplished in the public arena, he’s also developed a deep spiritual foundation to his character that is well beyond his years.

Mr. Stone, like his father, is obviously not one to back down from controversy. Rather, he is one of the few to take a stand in a clearly whitewashed media climate. While it might be no surprise that TV shows are referred to as programs, Mr. Stone and Buzzsaw are doing their part to de-program.

– Marc Star

MARC STAR (MS): All of us truth seekers have experienced some process of awakening. What was yours?

SEAN STONE (SS): In one capacity, I started to awaken at 10-years-old when my father took me to India and Tibet on a vacation, and he taught me about the third eye. He showed me these monks who were meditating in Tibet and taught me about levels of patience and the principles of meditation. We were confronted with the extreme poverty of a place like India, where we saw a child die, literally, in the street. The mother just couldn’t feed the child anymore and it died, right there. In India, it feels like a million people within a square mile – the city blocks are filled with squalor and filth. There’s some wealth, but a lot of misery. On one level I awakened to the extreme material contradictions on our planet, along with the spiritual possibilities of existence.

But what does the third eye mean to a 10-year-old? The idea that you have a spiritual life, that you’re open to a higher power, or a higher meaning, despite all of these random, mundane acts of existence – you live, you suffer, you die. But what is it about?

I’ve always been on that trajectory of seeking out deeper meanings and deeper understandings. In junior high and high school, I was interested in history – and questioning the official accounts of history because my father had helped introduce these topics. When you’re 13 or 14 and you start watching a film like JFK… I would re-watch it and watch it again because there are so many things about how our country is really run and how people are manipulated to believe these fairy tales by the media and by the mainstream way of thinking.

So you start to take that awakening into politics and history and eventually you come across the deeper questions in history that intersect with secret societies – the banking cartels, the masonic groups, for example. Masonry is obviously a very broad range of people, although many of the most influential people in history have been Masons – but then there are obviously more secretive orders.

Then you look at the spiritual teachings and you come across the Gnostic sects within Christianity, the Sufis in Islam, the Kabbalists in Judaism, and you start to wonder, okay if there is this lineage of secret teachings in the spiritual sense, then what do I need to understand on this planet that is deeper than what the eyes and ears tell you.

That, I think, is the general journey of awakening. It went from the historical and intellectual sense of researching and doing my thesis at Princeton on the New World Order to an actual confrontation into the mystical and magical – because you can study the magical, you can study these sects of Illuminati, there’s all sorts of reports and accounts of them practicing rituals and magic. Then you actually confront these mystical, fantastic things – and that’s what happened when I went to Greystone Park, which is the basis of my recent film.

I started to seek out these haunted locations and once you’ve entered these places, once you’ve entered that realm, you start to hear things that are not meant to be there – phantom voices and screams. You get phone calls. And you get all these things along the way of your journey that make you realise, okay, there is more going on than what you can read in a book to understand.

MS: How was your thesis on the New World Order received at Princeton?

SS: At Princeton you have a thesis advisor and a secondary reader. My advisor was cool with my approach throughout the process because the approach was very rational. It was all predicated on either primary or secondary sources. The topic of the thesis was to research Henry Kissinger’s mentor, William Yandell Elliott, who was the Professor Emeritus of Politics at Harvard for about 40 years. He had trained all these guys from the Bundys, to Kissinger, to [Zbigniew] Brzezinski, to [Samuel] Huntington. Even [John F] Kennedy was in his class. This guy is obviously a tremendous figure and I was looking at his intellectual trajectory – he was basically recruited into the Round Table circles at Oxford.

The Round Table goes back to the Rhodes/Milner plan which, Cecil Rhodes stated in his will, was to re-incorporate America back into the British Empire. And that’s pretty much what the New World Order was about. It was about transcending the old formation of the British Empire into a new multinational system of power whereby you ultimately move toward one-world consolidation of government, of finance, of legal controls, and even the worldview becomes increasingly consolidated by Anglo-American morality.

That’s something you can trace. People like Carroll Quigley have done the work, in Tragedy and Hope, to lay out for us what was going on. Quigley was a professor at Georgetown who had the credentials and the reputation that he could say it and people either absorbed it and understood it, like [Bill] Clinton, or were not intellectual enough to have read it, or they tried to ignore him.

So when it came to my thesis, I was relying on people like him and the primary sources I came across, even digging into William Yandell Elliott’s correspondence and his own writings to understand how they envisioned this empire that was predicated on controlling the resources of the planet, and using these organisations like the United Nations and other formations to control those resources without putting too much of an American hand into the equation. It’s the idea of the informal empire. It’s the idea you don’t want to make your position too well known. It’s like creating the invisible hand in world affairs.

The British Empire is to my mind that invisible hand that people don’t want to talk about to this day. They think it’s over, and yet no, there’s a reason why the City of London is still the centre of finance and the pound sterling is still the strongest currency in the world. This empire still exists. It’s a commonwealth now with tremendous influence. The Queen is probably one of the biggest landholders in the world. The Crown holdings are immense. They have assets in all of these major corporations that own the resources of the planet.

It’s not a trivial thing to talk about the British Empire. You see the continuance of the influence of people like Tony Blair in the creation of the second Iraq war, for example, with the Niger documents. Or the British policy regarding, as Blair stated, the end of nation states. Around ‘99 or 2000 in Chicago he said there would be an end to the Treaty of Westphalia; there will be no more nation states. That’s exactly what we’re talking about. The destruction of the nation state and the preference of the empire, which is now corporate – or a corporate structure – to the idea of a sovereign nation state.

MS: This is an agenda that many out there aren’t yet ready to accept as true. Do you find yourself surrounded by awakened people, or by brick walls?

SS: I feel like in life, the interesting thing is, when you start to take a stand, and you send out signals to the universe of who you are and what you’re doing here, you tend to attract people that are on your wavelength. The universe intersects you with those who are basically on the level that you’re on. I’m always shocked by the level of ignorance that I find when I turn on the TV or when I do go outside of where I operate, and recognise there are a lot of sleepwalkers on the planet. But within myself and the circles I keep, I find that I tend to attract those who are more open minded.

MS: You seem to be a perfect fit as the host of Buzzsaw – with a well-versed background on politics, spirituality and the conspiracy. How did you end up in that seat?

SS: As I was completing my film, I met Tyrel Ventura, Jesse’s son. Tyrel had been a producer on ‘Conspiracy Theory’. They were about to shoot their final season and Jesse was dealing with this lawsuit against the TSA [Transportation Security Administration]. The TSA had been harassing him because of the metal in his body, and he felt there should be a more respectful way of treating a governor when going through these searches at the airport. So he was suing TSA and he couldn’t fly. As a result, Tyrel became a main point person for the show, and I met with Tyrel about coming on the show as his cohort. We would become the two main co-hosts doing the research, travel and investigation on camera. Based on my experience with ghost hunting and exploring these haunted places, and having researched on my own all the different theories regarding the alien presence on the planet and my familiarity with that world, they hired me. Tyrel and I became the two chief hosts of ‘Conspiracy Theory’ for season three.

That season was delayed a year because it was pretty controversial. Even though it doesn’t get into the topics of the political conspiracy, it did get into the topics of time travel, reptilians, the agenda of weapons in space – all these things that people might find more ‘far out’. Yet I think it struck a nerve to the point where, as opposed to the first two seasons of ‘Conspiracy Theory’ where you had buses and billboards promoting the show, the third season was delayed a year, and then they didn’t even put up any advertising for it. It felt to me like TruTV wanted the show to go away. And sure enough, after the third season it was over.

I was contacted by Will Gibson, Mel Gibson’s son, who works for The Lip, an online TV station. They were looking for content, so Tyrel and I came up with Buzzsaw, as a spin-off of ‘Conspiracy Theory’, where Tyrel and Tabetha Wallace would do the news on a weekly basis and I would do the interviews. I felt it was an elaboration of what we did on ‘Conspiracy Theory’, because when you’re doing a show like ‘Conspiracy Theory’, which is reality TV, you go in there with the intention of doing an interview and you come away with something that’s cut up and sensationalised to keep your audience hooked into the idea of some kind of imminent threat. There were a lot of stories I wanted to recount, from people like David Icke or Anthony Sanchez, about Dulce, but I didn’t have the time on ‘Conspiracy Theory’ to do it. Buzzsaw gives me a platform to actually go deeper into those interviews and conduct the long form discussions we now have.

Buzzsaw is now an archive of these 30-to-60 minute shows that people can look at and listen to at their own leisure. As long as the Internet is around, people will be able to go back and see what Sean Stone interviewed David Icke about in 2013. What did all these people have to say at that time in history. If you look at it as a whole, we have amassed a great wealth of knowledge on topics from everything from economics to the alien agenda to spiritual issues like what are we doing on Earth, to politics and history.

MS: All of these topics meet at a very important place right now – that is, the suppression and control of information in order to keep humanity fenced within carefully guarded reality. It makes it even harder to get at the truth when those who have the most influence over the information flow are disseminating disinformation. On a path of inquiry such as this, how does one discern?

SS: That’s an issue that even scientists deal with, this issue of empirical knowledge based on senses – and our senses are inherently flawed. They are designed to give us a very limited understanding of this universe. Which reality do you want to believe? Do you want to believe in a relativistic understanding of the universe? But even that has its limitations. Do you want to understand what’s going on in the realm of antimatter, dark matter and dark energy – the invisible forces? Do you want to hypothesise about that? Do you want to hypothesise about string theory and how many different dimensions are interacting with our own reality at any moment? Quantum theory and how that affects fantastic experiences that people have in this life – this relationship between consciousness to reality, that we are actually creating reality as we go through it, which, philosophically, is an old Kabbalistic/Gnostic understanding of the universe, that man is actually creating the universe as we go along.

It goes back really to who you are and what you choose to believe – who you are as a person. That’s what I went through with Greystone Park, my film. The film was an expression of the experiences I had in places like Greystone, the mental hospital, where I’m breaking into these haunted places and trying to decipher for myself, what did I see? Did I really see something fly by itself? Did a piece of wood really fly by itself? Or was that a gust of wind that I didn’t account for? Were those really voices and screams I heard or was it something planted to scare me? Was this a government psy-op to fuck with my mind?

That’s what the film tries to go towards, this notion of… is this an expression of the mind or is it something external? I believe that it’s a mixture of both. I believe our minds are actually creating the external reality. But not everybody can understand that. So people go back to their safe zone where there is an external reality, it’s quantifiable, it’s based on cause and effect, you can measure it and account for everything that occurs. Then there’s the more spiritual, quantum sense of reality in which reality is internal, we are creating/manifesting it and miracles can occur. There are things that are inexplicable to human understanding – but not to say that within a universal science they can’t be accounted for. But within our realm of understanding, we don’t have the knowledge to understand everything that occurs. It really boils down to who you are. I can’t answer that for anyone else.

MS: What you’re doing is potentially a threat to the established system. Do you feel you are stepping into dangerous territory? Do you feel observed?

SS: I feel I’ve been observed probably my whole life, before I even realised it. But again, the real question is, who actually runs this system? There are people who think they run the system – and there are certain tools and access to finance, for example. But I believe there is a higher order of powers on this planet. I don’t think humans are ultimately in control. When it comes to what is considered extraterrestrial, or extrahuman, in its origin that actually could exist interdimensionally, for example, then you’re talking about a higher level of consciousness that actually may find it necessary for people like me to play my role.

I believe very much what Shakespeare wrote. Shakespeare, whoever he was, was a Rosicrucian. He indicated a lot of esoteric knowledge through the plays. When he talks about all the world is a stage, the idea that we’re each just actors in this play, it’s very true. I don’t believe that anything happens without our higher Self, our higher Soul, knowing what we’re getting ourselves into and allowing it to occur.

To me there is no real danger or threat. It’s just a performance. This is just a film. This timeline is just one reel of the film. When it comes to an end, we’re not done. We go somewhere else. We’ll play our role somewhere else. So it’s really most important for us to be true and honest to who we are and to serve our mission here. And that’s, I think, the best thing you can do – not to run and hide or be afraid of these powers, or believe that money or materialism is going to save you because you’re not going to last here regardless. You’re not going to last more than maybe a hundred years on this planet. So really what you’re doing is affecting eternity, it’s not affecting just this moment.

MS: Why all of the secrecy at the top of this potentially non-human control structure?

SS: While there are certain nefarious agendas, at the same time there are certain agendas that are beyond human understanding. The universe is structured around order, geometrically, around the nature of light. Where the stars are in alignment to the Earth creates a certain hologram, a certain type of reality. That’s constantly shifting.

When the age comes to an end, as it did with Pisces, and we enter Aquarius, there is going to be a different shift and awakening with consciousness even if people don’t believe it – look technologically what is occurring because of the access phones and computers give us to each other, allowing us to connect physically in ways that historically maybe sorcerers or wizards or witches could possibly do with astral projection and remote viewing. The consciousness of the planet is connecting. What will occur is not necessarily for me to predict, but I do believe there are many reasons for secrecy, one being if you know the ending it will affect the way you play the game. You might get lazy. You might want to almost check yourself out of your actions because, in a sense, you want to feel like you have free will. And free will is a very important premise for this whole thing to occur. So there has to be a certain level of secrecy.

But again, when it comes to the more nefarious powers, say like the banking side of things, it’s not necessarily a secret anymore. People know things like the Federal Reserve system is a private operation by certain bankers, but we’re going along with it because at the end of the day we feel safer within the system as it is now created than the potential system that will come about from its dissolution. Sometimes you have to wait for the actual collapse to occur before you can actually introduce the solution. There are very few people who are strong and brave enough to take the leap into another possible reality or another future without being forced to do so.

MS: Earlier this year on your program Buzzsaw you did a somewhat ‘prophetic’ interview with former Mossad operative Juval Aviv in which he stated we’re heading “toward a third world war.” In recent months we’ve witnessed civil war in eastern Ukraine, the downing of MH17, the merciless Israeli bombardment of Gaza, and an escalation of conflict in the Middle East with the rise of the “Islamic State.” Where do you think we’re heading and what forces are driving current events? Are we on the road to World War III?

SS: Some people will say that we’ve been on the road to World War III as soon as World War II came to an end, because if you believe that the Albert Pike letters to [Giusseppe] Mazzini in the 19th century were actual letters and not apocryphal, then he talks about three world wars, and the third world war being predicated on the State of Israel-Middle East clash of religions and the end of the Judeo-Christian worldview and the entry of Luciferianism.

    I didn’t do anything prophetic with the Juval interview. We just talked about what we can see occurring. People are not very astute sometimes. They get so caught up in the moment, they don’t actually watch the overall shape of the geopolitical climate. You know that a collapse is imminent because the financial structure is predicated on derivatives that far exceeds the productivity of all the nations on the planet. Sooner or later that financial system is going to come to an end. The banks have become so large, they’re too large to collapse. But at the end of the day, if they don’t collapse, then something has to occur to shift them into a new order.

During the Juval interview I mentioned I had been told directly by people in the military, high level intelligence people, to inform people you know in Israel to leave, Israel’s about to get hit, war is coming. This was in April. So when they have this incident with the kids who get kidnapped, and they turn that incident into a war against Gaza, against Hamas, people think this is just a random act. No, these things are created. These events are created because there is a plan. Unfortunately, people are not planners, they’re not conspirators themselves. When you’re a filmmaker, for example, you know how things are planned because you work on it, you write scripts. I have a script that was written in 2009 that dealt with what occurred in St. Louis just a few months ago with the Ferguson incident. My story had to do with rioting in the suburbs of St. Louis, predicated on racial violence and the black community feeling repressed and offended by police actions in the killing of a young black kid.

These kind of things are not difficult to understand if you have an imagination to create it. But the problem is, most people are so caught up in their momentary activities they don’t have the imagination to see a different future. When you are in a position of power and you have money and influence, as leaders of countries and their associates – people that go to conferences like Bilderberg, the Bohemian Club, that belong to the Trilateral Commission and read and write their reports – they have time to imagine, they have time to create, they have time to formulate scenarios.

Whether or not World War III is coming is impossible to say because you could also say Obama has missed certain marks in that regard. Maybe he didn’t escalate the crisis with Russia quick enough over the Ukraine; maybe they didn’t utilise the Israel situation to escalate into a full on war between Hezbollah and Israel; maybe this Islamic State is actually bringing the United States, Iran and Russia together against a common enemy. I can’t tell you what’s coming because, again, I believe we’re all involved in creating our own reality and I believe that whatever occurs is ultimately going to be for the best spiritual interest of mankind.

MS: What are your feelings on the BRICS alliance and its impact on the rest of the world?

SS: I look at it as a welcome divestment from a US dollar based hegemony in the world. And what the BRICS states have been talking about. For example, China and Russia talking about an Earth defence shield, going back to Star Wars, talking about nuclear fusion based technologies. I’m shocked at the eventual impoverishment coming to this country because of the collapse of our industry and infrastructure. We don’t have any sensibility when it comes to the idea of high tech industries that require not just computer skills, but also industrial skills. Let’s do Mag-Lev rail, let’s go do fission and fusion processes to generate energy, let’s orient ourselves towards exploring space and terraforming other planets, let alone this one. All of these endeavours will help us better understand our own situation in the cosmos.

I do think there is a private sector that is heavily involved in space exploration, in the stargates, in Tesla-type technologies, and that’s being hidden and suppressed. That’s a crime against humanity to have that level of technology and understanding and not share, not educate your people, and let them fall into this level of ignorance where they’re only focused on the newest reality TV show, the next award ceremony, and they’re not actually endeavouring and wanting to be scientists. Kids are not growing up wanting to be scientists and presidents and astronauts anymore. They just want to be basketball players or a celebrity of some kind. That’s all they see, as far as someone to emulate. There’s a quote from Prince Ea’s rap song recently. He says the people we are imitating now, sixty years ago we would have said were an embarrassment. You would have called them out as examples of what not to be. And that’s the problem. We’ve flipped our society, our cultural intelligence, our social instinct to educate our young. We’ve flipped it all on its head.

When I see the BRICS nations talking about fusion, talking about investments in nuclear-based technologies, talking about missions to the Moon, Mars and beyond, and defending the Earth from comets and things like this, more power to them, because someone has to do it. The United States and the Western hemisphere have fallen off the map in that regard.

MS: Ultimately, though, doesn’t this breakaway civilisation that is behind every one of these topics have its influence, not just in the West, but in Russia and China as well?

SS: Of course. But again, we’re dealing with an issue we don’t quite understand. We’re dealing with cultures that are influenced by various parties. The Western world has been influenced by the Roman/Babylonian empire. That’s our cultural heritage here in the West. Russia has a slightly different cultural heritage, also splintered from Rome. The East Roman empire became basically what is Russian, but there is also something Slavic in the soul, in the spirit. The Chinese also have a mixture of Mongol, Khan and Hun blood. So there are different spiritual traditions in every part of the world. And that has something to do with the non-human entities that I’m talking about.

In regard to the idea that non-human entities are only some kind of Draco reptilians that rule the entire planet, I don’t think that’s quite accurate. I think there are different aliens, or what would be considered alien beings on this planet from different worlds. But again they tie into the various bloodlines. And so the white, Aryan Western world is of a different blood group and spiritual orientation than the Russians, than the Chinese, than the Africans. Maybe that’s what some of this warring has to do with – the fact of different soul groupings and different motivations for what is desired by different species.

MS: It’s a difficult puzzle to piece together once you go beyond physical reality.

SS: Even within physical reality because you start to deal with psyches. One of the things that fascinated me about studying history was trying to actually determine someone’s action. You think that person’s predictable, they’re a machine. They’re not a machine, they have a psyche. What’s actually going through their mind when they make a decision? Is it the interest of the council to take certain actions and they’re just following their duty? Or did they have a fight with their wife that morning and they’re in a bad mood when they make a decision? Or do they just really want to screw somebody over, somebody they’re pissed off with, so they make a decision against what the other person is saying. It’s always difficult to understand because whether it’s non-human or it’s psychic, we don’t know exactly what’s in someone else’s mind. Could it be a so-called alien influence in that person’s mind? Just as well as saying it’s their brain that’s functioning. What is a brain? It’s not a computer. People think it’s a computer. And yet what’s going on in the mind is much more complex than what a computer can imagine, because you’re dealing with emotions, you’re dealing with instincts, you’re dealing with intellect, memory and possible visions of the future.

MS: Have any of your guests on Buzzsaw blown your mind, or shattered any beliefs?

SS: I’ve never had that experience of having someone I talked to shatter my belief. I think that people can challenge the things you believe and make you go back and re-assess. But I think I’m too open minded to not have at least heard a point of view. I think there is very little that can be told to me that would completely shock me. I feel like I’ve heard just about every possible thesis of history and reality at this point, believe it or not. The only issue is what is provable. So for a show like Buzzsaw, it’s very hard for a guest to prove something. Unless a guest were to transform into an alien being on the program, I would not be shocked by what they tell me.

What we’ve done is compile a nice assembly of material that you can look at this post-2012 time period, let’s say, as a historical moment and we’ve touched upon most of the major events from the world historical stage. When people look back at the show’s archive of interviewees, you’d have a certain picture of what was going on here on Earth.

MS: What is the heart of matter?

SS: The heart of the matter is the human heart. The heart of the matter really is you, as a human being, your consciousness is affecting this reality. You’re creating this reality. You’re part of it. I think the trouble is many times we’re walking through life as though it were a rehearsal, as though we are conforming to the laws, rules and behaviours that we’ve either been told or have absorbed into us, as opposed to feeling a way through a situation, walking into a room and feeling the energy in that room, facing someone and feeling the energy that they’re giving you. I think the more we connect to the heart, that heart chakra, that place of our emotional knowledge and intelligence, I think the more we’ll have an authentic existence.

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