New Dawn Special Issue Vol.12 No.6


72 page magazine

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Articles Inside New Dawn Special Issue Vol. 12 No.6

72 pages • A4 size • Full Color Glossy Magazine
  • Consciousness Beyond the Brain: How a Spiritual Perspective Can Help Us Understand Consciousness by Steve Taylor
  • Is the Mind in the Brain? by Dawson Church
  • The State of the World Reflects a State of Mind: We Need a New Worldview Based On the Primacy of Mind, Soul & Consciousness by Michael Grosso
  • Waking Up in the 5th Dimension: Moving into Universal Consciousness by Maureen St Germain
  • The Field: Mastering the Matrix in Life’s Battlefield by Thomas Crowther
  • Don’t Force It, Attract It: Money-Making, Relationships & Attention by Fred Dodson
  • One Foot in the Real World, One Foot in the Quantum World by Dr Joe Dispenza
  • Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone: Conquer All Fear & Create an Unstoppable Mindset by Dr Emma Mardlin
  • How to be a Spiritual Millionaire by Simon Chokoisky
  • Manifesto for a Post-Materialist Science
  • Mind Detox: Transcending Mental Toxicity by Sandy C. Newbigging
  • Gratitude by Ross Bishop
  • The Way to Personal Success by Richard, Duc de Palatine
  • The Paradox of Life by David Orr
  • Inside the Psychedelic Mind: The New Frontier for Consciousness Studies, Innovative Therapies & Creativity by Brett Lothian
  • Lost Knowledge of the Imagination: A Look Inside the World by Gary Lachman
  • Gurdjieff & the Further Reaches of Self-Observation by Dennis Lewis
  • Going Beyond Everything (Turiya) by Jason Gregory